When you open your safe,what do you see?

When you open your safe,what do you see?

This is a discussion on When you open your safe,what do you see? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; You wake up tomorrow morning and look in your gun safe.Whats in there? I see about 500 12 gauge slugs and shells of assorted shot.300 ...

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Thread: When you open your safe,what do you see?

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    When you open your safe,what do you see?

    You wake up tomorrow morning and look in your gun safe.Whats in there?

    I see about 500 12 gauge slugs and shells of assorted shot.300 or so rounds of 350 grain COR-BON .500 S&W magnum,and over 1000 rounds of 230 grain Federal .45acp jhp.And 3 extra magazines for the Springfield TRP i have on my side.If i didnt take them everywhere,my safe would also have a Benelli M2 with a Surefire light and a S&W .500 with a 4" barrel.

    What do you see?

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    Enough guns that sarah brady would faint.
    When you have to shoot, shoot. Don't talk.
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    LOL. Which safe?
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    Some guns, ammo and a few other things I don't want the little one getting his hands on.
    Don't believe what you hear and only half of what you see!
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    Enough that I'm not going to publicly list them or the amounts of ammo I have stocked up.

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    Assuming I had a safe, too much empty space.
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    I have two COM safes, one in each vehicle, they are both empty as I am carrying my EDC.
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    When I open my safe, I see very few firearms since I just started my love with self-defense weapons only 10 months ago. I currently only have 4 handguns (HK, Walther, S&W and Beretta) and no shotguns or rifles. I do have plenty of ammo in .40 S&W, 9mm, .380 ACP and .38+P. Nonetheless, I am in the works of extending "the family" in my safe to include a Mossberg 590A1, a Beretta Px4 Storm .45 ACP, a Ruger SP-101 .357 Magnum and a Kimber 1911 .45 ACP. I'm not a big fan of rifles, but I think that I will eventually get a Bushmaster AR-15 and a Remington 700 in .308 Winchester. The problem is that in Costa Rica firearms are twice as expensive as in the USA so it will take longer for me to get there.
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    What safe?
    "Do not fear those who disagree with you; fear those that do and are too cowardly to admit it" - Napoleon

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    Quote Originally Posted by WHEC724 View Post
    LOL. Which safe?
    Exactly... garage, basement or office? All are loaded and crammed to the gills.

    Now what the hell was the combination again?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rammerjammer View Post
    Enough that I'm not going to publicly list them or the amounts of ammo I have stocked up.
    I agree.Every forum has lurkers that never post and probably have other motives.It is interesting to know and sometime see what other gun owners have,but there are surely members that are not who they appear to be.And that is no offense to the OP.I just question the wisdom of listing what you have.

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    A Box of whoop-ass

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    Rainy ol' Seattle, WA
    -A taurus .22 revolver (not working quite right needs to go back to taurus....big surprise)
    -marlin mod 60 22 rifle with cheap barska scope. 15 years old with countless bricks through it and still goin strong!
    -several bricks of 22 ammo
    - My bulgarian ak74 with its marshmellow painted stocks, ultimak rail, primary arms micro dot and tapco stock.
    -a spam can of 5.45 to feed the ak after society crumbles, and some cheap wolf to plink with until that happens:)
    -870 remy express. Its in goose mode currently but can be seen in Hd mode after turkey season.
    -several boxes of 00 buck, #4 buck, triple BB, #2,3,4,5,9 and T shot for said shotgun
    -A mosin nagant m91. Best 90 bucks ever spent at a big 5. Can be used as emergency club,shovel,spear,boat oar,etc.
    -spam can of 440 rds 7.62x54r for the mosin. I'd probably give this to a friend to help me fight off invading zombies or chinese.
    -keltec p3at loaded with plain jane fmj range ammo, because they are the most reliable and with denim and milk jugs, hollow points don't seem that impressive out of such a tiny barrel.
    -glock 19 with 2 extra mags in my gunvault safe by the bed. loaded with Ranger +p currently because i shot up all my gold dots.
    -several bayoneys, assisted open knives, flashlights,med kit,cleaning supplies,targets,batteries, etc.....
    When you open your safe,what do you see?-icon-72775417.jpgWhen you open your safe,what do you see?-img_0960.jpg

    Big safe and not enough guns...........hmm what to do?

    As far as being worried about other people knowing what i have...........well if you are smart enough to track me down via this website, as i move every few years, and you want to steal my guns....good luck i guess. Seems like alot of work for a few grand worth of artillary. And if i'm home when you try i will be very grumpy and shooty.

    If i'm supposed to be worried about the government, all my guns were bought legally through stores, so I'm sure they already know or could find out without searching this site.

    Are these the reasons for being shy with the gun listing or am i missing something? No one seems shy about showing off a new piece when they first buy it so.................?
    "In those days, there was a lot more respect for other people and it showed in peoples values.... Today the word value means nothing more than something you get on the $1 menu at McDonald's." -BARK'N

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