I'm finished with Diamondback

I'm finished with Diamondback

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Thread: I'm finished with Diamondback

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    I'm finished with Diamondback

    I give up. I liked the way my DB 380 shot... when it worked. I was hoping that eventually I would grow to trust this gun. I had 400 rounds through it after I got it back from customer service with no problems... I thought I was in the clear. The last 2 times I left the range the trigger would not reset after each round. Guess I got a lemon. Looks like I have a good excuse to get the Kahr PM9 I've been looking at.

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    Makes me glad I didnt jump on the bandwagon and buy one of these...sorry for your luck.
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    I really had high hopes for the little bugger. It was most likely the only .380 I'd own. Hmm...we'll see in a year or so...I hope.

    THough...I still have a soft spot for that Desert Eagle micro.

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    If they would do something with that atrocious trigger, they'd have a neat little gun.

    I dont know why manufacturers come out with a decent concept and then put the God awfullest trigger ever known to mankind on a gun unless they were just Liberals trying to get some laughs...
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    I am sorry about that. If you get a PM9 you will not regret it.
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    My experience with small pistols (six of 'em) has been poor.

    Three Kahrs - one P9 and two PM9s - that had so many issues I got rid of them all.

    Three LCPs. My wife has one, and it's been back to Ruger twice. I have two - one flawless, the other just got back from its second trip back to Ruger.

    If you can conceal it, I'd say get a revolver. Or, better yet, a Glock 26.
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    I bought one about 8 months ago. Shot it twice and just didn't like the feel of it. My friend bought it from me and tried running a box of 50 through it. Before he got through the box the trigger broke. He sent it to the factory and they said it was repaired. He took it back out to the range and it broke again. I guess I was lucky to get rid of it when I did.

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    You mean your ex-friend?

    I guess some things aren't meant to come in small packages, handguns being one of them.
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    Just gave back a used Thounder 380 to my LGS today, the disconnector spring wasn't doing it's thing. It was a used gun and inside the box was a repair ticket for the spring that made it's way to the bottom of the box. Didn't want to get into sending it back to the Co they were fine with it full refund, I'm done buying used pistols. Sorry about the DB
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