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JSE Surplus offers 16" M4 1x7 Chrome Lined Rifle Kit - $425 - $440. Please note that standard charging handle and Bolt Carrier Assembly are included, but you can upgrade them if you would like. Choose 4-position stock to get the whole setup for $425. Assembly price is $25. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING BEFORE YOU BUY. This kit includes a special "blem" run of barrels we just received. The only blem to the barrel though, is they stamped the chamber and twist rate at the wrong position on the barrel. It isn't exactly at 12:00 on the barrel. There is no damage to the barrel in any way. This is a deal because it gets you a CHROME LINED 1x7 upper kit (no sight tower option, only a gas block option at this point), along with a lower parts kit and 6 position stock for close to the same price as a regular chrome lined upper by itself.
Item Number: RK16M47S
Manufacturer: JSE Surplus
Manufacturer Part No: RK16M47S

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