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    Glock 20

    A friend of mine is getting his CCW and is considering getting a Glock 20. Since I am not very familiar with the 10mm, I would like to know what you guys and gals think of the caliber. Seems like overkill to me for a concealed carry handgun but I do know a guy who carries a .44 Mag every day. What do you think? Thanks, Terry.
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    If he can handle it... Why not...! although the 20 is the full size... the 29 is the Sub-Compact Model...
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    I'd carry the biggest caliber one can handle for CC. I carry the .45 because that is what I like and shoot the best in the bigger stuff. The 10mm is an expencive round also, make sure he understands that.

    Hell I know a guy who carries a 4" 500 S&W everyday in a Smart Carry holster. He also thinks one should carry the biggest he/she can handle.

    10mm is a nice round for CC, just make sure he knows the pro's and con's of it.

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    I carried one for quite awhile IWB now i've switched back to a 1911 hard to stay away from 1911 i might go back and carry the glock come winter might not.

    Ammo is no more expensive for SD than in any other caliber though choices are slimmer depending on what local shop carry's

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    the 10 MM is an exellent round.
    The Glock in the 10MM beats all other Glocks hands down.

    If he can shoot it well...more power to him...

    yeah the ammo is more expensive than other rounds, but it hits harder too...cost should be of little in, how much is your life worth ?

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    I have two Glocks in 9MM for comparison of size only (not caliber):

    G17: Good winter carry, longer barrel and grip makes it much harder to CC than a G19 or G26
    G26: Good anytime, the sub-compact - my first choice most of the time, with a 17 round BU mag
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    You G20 fans--> you want a kick A$$ load for huntin' or CC(only if you want COMPLETE penetration).

    Double Tap Ammo has come out with a 200gr.hardcast,WFN(wide flat nose) at 1300fps(from a G20) and 750fpe.

    This would be a great round for you hog/deer hunters also. My expierances with the WFN design of the hardcast is that it will out penetrate anything except a steel or solid bronze bullet.

    I would be interested how accurate they are at 25yds. also.

    Have shot the 180's and a few 200's outta a G20 and the weapon was very accurate with IMO recoil like a .45ACP +P. I feel that the Glock frame takes up some of the recoil. ---------

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    The G20 is frickin' huge.

    I sure want one, though.

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    I have a G20...carry it sometimes....if you think a 9mm or .38 gets heavy by the end of a day........

    I consider the G20 to be my high threat carry piece; on those rare occasions when I have to be in St. Louis at night; I'll pack the G20 but it is big (thicker than my double stack .45) and heavy and takes a bit more effort to keep it concealed. For everyday carry I would pick something else.

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