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GLOCK. Lets hear your opinion...

This is a discussion on GLOCK. Lets hear your opinion... within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; VTL has heard my take on them.... As to the actual gun, Nice, natural POA for me. Just naturally accurate and fits my big hands ...

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Thread: GLOCK. Lets hear your opinion...

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    VTL has heard my take on them....

    As to the actual gun, Nice, natural POA for me. Just naturally accurate and fits my big hands alright.

    But when I get better customer service out of a company like PlaySkol on a $30-50 toy for my daughter, instead of a Gun manufacturer on a ~$600 weapon over a bad manufacturing issue. Time to find a new company to do business with.
    Team WTFDTSG?

    ***** happens, it becomes the past. Live with it, learn from it and get on with it.

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    I admire their durability and reputation. I have had the chance on several occasions to fire Glocks when at the range with friends who own them. Really great gun.
    That said, they aren't for me. Grip angle is just not right for me. They just don't feel "right" in my hands compared to other pistols.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Stick
    Grip angle is just not right for me. They just don't feel "right" in my hands compared to other pistols.
    what amazes me is that as common as this issue is (and its a very common issue!) there is no 1911 grip angle frame available from glock. if one is ever available ill buy it for every glock i own.

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    Never owned a Glock.Have shot all but 3 of the models. Have (at least) 5 close friends that have Glocks. Know 50 or so people that own Glocks. Have been whooped in competition by the shooters of Glocks.(would NEVER admit to anyone that I was beaten by the Glock itself) It is utterly impossible to make them quit shootin'.

    Think they are simply the fugliest "gun" around. Absolutely hate the grip angle. It is the most boaring pistol on the planet.

    The black ones are acceptable(barely) but the green,tan,tan camo,purple,pink,and all the other colors of the rainbow that they come from the factory in, or have been spray painted by their owners,will absolutely make a grown man break down and cry(sob!).

    Would only consider buying one Glock and they(for some unknown reason)keep refuseing to make one just for me. Try this on,>>>>>an ALL black,mid size,single stack,10mm,with ajustable night sights.

    Now that would be purdy,even for a Glock. ----------

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    Another vote for a durable gun with a terrible grip angle. I would love to carry a Glock but I just can't shoot them like a 1911. I could probably learn and do just fine, but I've been shooting single action handguns for about 40 years and a 1911 is just about right. A single action revolver is completely "right" to me.
    I've owned two Glocks and hope to buy another. Maybe someday my opinion (or my skill) will change.

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    I love my G27. It does what it was intended to do and does it well. But then again so does my Ruger but the Glock conceals better.
    George Washington: "A free people ought to be armed."

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    Quote Originally Posted by RSSZ
    It is utterly impossible to make them quit shootin'.

    Unless its a 40Cal glock and it KABOOMS

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    I like Glocks, my wife carries one as well.....

    -UGLY, some like ugly.......
    -Tenifer coating, nothing better at preventing rust. Wear during summer, sweat all over it, no rust!
    -Easy to clean...see Tenifer...
    -Easy to take down(some don't mind pulling trigger to operate take down)
    -Reliability, goes bang every time.
    -If used in a shooting & gun taken, quick & easy to replace it.
    -Pointability, some people have NO pointing issues
    -COST...under $500...
    -No external safety to operate, trigger pull like a revolver.
    -parts/holsters...etc...easy to get
    -accurate enough for concealed carry, some actually compete with them.

    -UGLY, some don't like ugly
    -Grip angle, some don't like pointability
    -No external safety
    -Pulling trigger to take down, some don't like that.
    -A few(NOT MANY) .40s have Kaboomed (I own 2 with 1000s of rounds thru them & neither has every kaboomed)
    -Polymer frame, some don't like 'tupperware'
    -Trigger pull, long pull with a lot of creap.
    -UGLY, beauty in the eye of the beholder.
    A vote is like a rifle, its usefulness is based on the character of the user -T Roosevelt

    If you carry a gun, some will call you paranoid. If I carry, what do I have to be paranoid about? -C Smith

    An unarmed man can only flee from evil, and evil is not overcome by fleeing from it. -J Cooper

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    Having rented a few at the range I too dislike the grip angle always tends to point low (9MM vasectomy for BG)?

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    I have a G22. I carry it sometimes, but usually opt for something easier to conceal. (S&W642)

    I admit the G22 sees more action as a .22LR with the Advantage Arms kit on top than it does with the .40 parts.

    I don't regret buying it, but will am in the market for a 1911 too. I think the single stack will carry easier.

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    I love my G30. Reliable, accurate, and pretty compact for 10+1 rounds of .45.

    I can't stand tradiational double actions (I always put the second shot in the roof under pressure). I like 1911 on the range, but I just have the coordination to really master the skills of being able to carry cocked and locked and react under pressure.

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    I know i want one short wait times. Use 'defensivecarry' as a coupon code for a discount to your order.

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    A lot of my friends love them. I'm lost. I've shot them and they don't appeal to me. Yeah they ain't pretty but I'm with some of the other views - poor grip angle, plastic sights.... I have shot enough of them to know I'll never own one.

    To each their own, though. If it works for you, then excellent - stick with them. As long as you stop the bad guy what difference does it make what kind of gun shot the round.

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    I have a 19 and a 26, and I like both. The 26 is my carry gun when my mode of dress requires pocket carry. That said, I've fallen for the XD. My XD 45 to me has all of the benefits of the Glock, with the addition of a better grip, and a grip safety. I'm shooting my XD 45 better than my 9mm Glocks (or my 9mm Beretta, for that matter).

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    I own and have owned and will own many different types of handguns but can fairly safely say that Glocks are all I'll carry. I'm not entering them in a beauty contest, I'm using them to protect my family. A couple more paydays and I'll have my next Glock.
    We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.
    George Orwell

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