Should I buy a used Handgun?

Should I buy a used Handgun?

This is a discussion on Should I buy a used Handgun? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I am incredible cheap and while I would like my first handgun to be brand new (Glock 30 and Glock 27) I would like to ...

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Thread: Should I buy a used Handgun?

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    Should I buy a used Handgun?

    I am incredible cheap and while I would like my first handgun to be brand new (Glock 30 and Glock 27) I would like to get a nice price on my BUG and was thinking of buying a used airweight just to minimize costs. Is it worth it? I've seen some used guns, esp. big brand revolvers go for crazy amounts and most of the time I just would rather pay a few pennies more for a new gun and break it in myself.

    Now with that all being said, if i find a nice dea on a used handgun, semi auto or revolver, should I go for it? Handguns have a long shelf life so I feel I'd be OK, but what do the more experianced people believe?

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    My last 2 EDC's were used. No issues at all. That said, check them carefully before paying. And then shoot them to make sure there are no hidden issues. If the difference between new and used is not enough to bother with, just go new. I mainly go used for the deal.
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    I buy used all the time, just do a full check on the revolver before you purchase it. Here are some guides on how to do that:

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    Absolutely! Just pay attention to what you're doing. All the better that you're looking for a revolver, as they're less troublesome, and generally less apt to get messed with in such a way the will compromise reliability. Have fun!

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    If the guy selling it is wearing a trench coat and has a forearm full of watches, you might want to pass.

    Buying anything used can be risky. If you know what you're looking at and what to look for, you can find a winner.
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    Many of us believe that older guns are better quality then many of the newer made guns.


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    I work with new and used guns everyday and the things to keep in mind are most gun owners are not like the members here. Most guns I buy used have not even been broken in! infact most guns traded at shops don't even have two boxes of shells fired out of them. so look hard at what it is but if you can save $150 because someone else shot a bow of shells out of it first I think your doing really good.
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    I would not have a problem buying a used weapon and have, through my gunshop. It's nice to shave someone to fall back on if there's a problem. Not that you can't get a good deal out of the paper, or internet, but when it comes to guns I personally like a middle man I trust. And other than to friends, that's how I've sold some guns, too.

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    I almost prefer to buy used vice new. That way folks wont know what I have!
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    Take somebody with you that knows how to function check and closely examine a firearm for possible issues.
    Then "go for it" - folks have lots of various reasons for trading in or selling back perfectly fine firearms & some are in "as new" condition but, just cannot be sold as new.
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    It can be hit or miss. My first pistol was a used Ruger P90 that has been great. My second used pistol was a Kel Tec PF9 that was a POS that jammed more than it functioned properly. Always consider that there must be some reason why the person is looking to sell their pistol. It could be that they just need money or are clearing room out in the safe. But they could also be trying to dump a lemon. I did that with the PF9 and I think the previous owner had done the same.

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    I'm more likely to buy a used revolver than a used semi-auto. Usually a used revolver will be fine, but a semi-auto could have FTF or FTE problems, so the original owner ditched it, or for some other reason. That being said, I did buy a slightly used Kahr PM9 with night sights, and love it. Nothing wrong with it at all. In fact I believe the original owner probably didn't put more than 50 rounds through it.

    If you're going for a used revolver, chances are you'll do good. Just keep in mind, even in a revolver, some brands are not worth the trouble.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    If the guy selling it is wearing a trench coat and has a forearm full of watches, you might want to pass.

    Buying anything used can be risky. If you know what you're looking at and what to look for, you can find a winner.
    I was recently in the market for a new Glock 22 in 40S&W, I went to a few pawn shops and they wanted at least $450 for a used Glock. Sometimes the risk doesn't come from wear & tear but from improper field stripping. Most people just don't follow directions that well and you may very well get a weapon that has been damaged from improper disassembly or reassembly. Considering this is why I purchased a new Gen 4 Glock22 in 40S&W for $531 plus $25 Transfer Fee. It was worth peace of mind to me to have a brand new weapon without the worry of damage from a previous owner. Sorry, but thats just me.

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