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Range Report

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    Range Report

    I got a Ruger LCP 11 Dec. Decided not to put the mag extension on because I had ordered two new mags from Midway, one with the extension, one without. Shot 100 rounds sunday without the mag extension. Wasn't two happy with how secure the grip was. My new mags came in yesterday. Ran another hundred rounds through the LCP today. I like it much better with the mag extension. I have a more secure grip. Today I shot at 7 and 15 yards. My groups tightened up alot at 15 yards.

    It seemed like I was slow getting back on target during rapid fire. Reloads seemed slow because I am not used to the small grip. With a total on 200 rounds through this little LCP I have experienced 0 malfunctions. Over all I am pleased with the performance of the little Ruger. I keep wanting to compare it with my Colt Gov 380 and I like the Colt much better. With Colt I am faster with the reloads, more accurate and do much better with rapid fire.

    Now for the Colt Delta Elite 10MM. About twelve years ago I had BarSto make me a 40 S&W barrel for the Delta Elite because I was concerned about ammo and the availibilty of brass. I never purchased the 40 S&W mags because I never got desperate for ammo. Well when I ordered my LCP mags I ordered two 1911 40 cal mags from Midway. One Wilson and one Colt. I ran 100 rounds through each mag. The Wilson had a failure to feed on just about every mag. The Colt ran almost flawless with one failure to hold the slide back.

    I love shooting this 1911 in 40 cal. I did not swap out the recoil spring and just did the testing with the 10mm spring. The gun just fell right back on target, recoil was mild. Accuracy was all I could ask for. I could not make the gun jam when shooting with the Colt mag. I will be ordering a couple of more mags. If reliability continues this may become another carry option for me.
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    sounds like a good day at the range! The LCP takes time to get used to firing but it is so easy to conceal!

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