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Rifle for 12 year old?

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Thread: Rifle for 12 year old?

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    I went through this three times years back. If you've spoiled him with a 10/22, like I did with my boys, a mini 30 would be a fun way to go. Anyway, I bought 3 SKS paratroopers with 16" bbls for $100 ea. The SKS was made for smaller people. A 1260 rd case of 7.62X39 ran another $100. When they turned 21 they took ownership. Now it's hard to recognize them with all their mods. If you want to be PC and historical in the woods, I suggest the lever action Winchester trapper in 30-30 or 44 mag. Do you think he would like to accompany you to the LGS for a look-see?
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    The .243 would be a good choice. You should never sell youth models short--also a good choice for smaller framed women. Keep your youth models and let your grand kids use them. Take it from me, you will be glad you did.

    Not a .243, but I have a Rem 722 in .257 Roberts that was shortened to a 12 3/4 LOP back in the 50's for the wife of a friend. I can put a custom recoil pad on it and lengthen the LOP. But all of my children, 3 of my grandchildren so far, and several of the children of my friends and my kids friends have taken their first big game with this old classic. Personally I love a Winchester or Marlin lever gun and own several, but I feel the .243 is a better choice than the old .30 WCF

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    Seeing as how this thread was started in 2010 that 12 year old is now probably 14 years old, time to upgrade to a bigger rifle.
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    Get a bolt action rifle. You'll have to decide how to transition him through the proper use of iron sights and then to scope use. He'll learn to make each shot count, especially the first one. Also most accurate especially if he got interested in target shooting and maybe stir an interest in competition shooting later. Simpler and safer until experienced. Later, might even get a simple handloading kit (Lee loader kit) and have him learn to reload. I still use the Lee loader for my bolt action target range bench rounds.

    I'm an adult and shoot the .243Win (Rem 700). Accurate cartridge and comfortable to shoot. Can use for deer but best with the heavier 100gr bullet weight.

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    Take a look at Remingtons Model 7 in .243. That is what my dad bought me when i was 12, even though he already had Win. 94 for me.
    I loved that gun.
    I gave it to my little brother when he turned 12. Bought a bunch of deer rifles since then.

    Now looking for another Model 7.
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    I've set up many guns for exactly the situation described.

    My favorite caliber for young uns and women that dont shoot much is the 7-MM 08.

    Low recoil, accurate, hits hard, easy to get and its a caliber that the young person will never outgrow.

    It's basically a 7mm necked down from a .308. Light recoil, not so loud and the rifles arent too heavy to tote.
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    I would go with a lever gun in .357 or 30-30
    Target shooting with .38 and hunting with .357 would be nice but you will need to sight in the gun with the type of ammo you will hunt with because of the variations in .357 loads.
    Lever-Action Ballistics: .30-30 vs. .357 Magnum | The Truth About Guns

    You can't go wrong with a 30-30 though.


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    I recommend getting him a youth gun and enjoy watching him out grow it. I bought my son a NEF when he was young, now a young lady from our church is using it on loan. I have a 3 yr old grandson that will be using it before long, time flys when you are having fun. Get him a quality gun, loan it out and help introduce others to the sport and when he is older maybe his child will use it.
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    Have a gunsmith cut the stock and fit a few replacement butt pads of various thicknesses to it. As he grows, add a thicker pad for increased length of pull. You can probably go as thick as 2 inches in recoil pad, and you can always have a spacer fit to get a little more. Easy gunsmithing job. I wouldn't think of selling my kid's first guns, I'd rather adjust them to fit and keep them for the grandkids.

    Sure, an AR would work too. You could even make one a single shot pretty easy if you had a concern about "firepower"
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    Haha I remember shooting a 12 gauge when I was young. WAY too much recoil. I know I'm not helpful but good luck on your decision lol.
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