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Thread: Gunsmiths

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    Wasn't sure where to post this so I picked this forum. I recently dropped my ParaOrdnance Warthog .45 and now it has a problem. The safety appears to be broken. I can engage the safety, but when the trigger is pulled, the safety comes halfway "off" and if I then release the safety the hammer falls. No, the hammer is caught at the halfcock position, but i've stopped carrying because it makes me nervous. Also, following the fall, the bullets fail hang when I manually rack the slide. None of this was a problem before the drop and I want my gun fixed. I live in central Arkansas and need advice on a good gunsmith in the area who A) will do it right, B) has people skills (Ive run into some who don't) and C) isn't going to charge me more than the gun is worth to do the work. Also, a ballpark estimate of what a good price would be would be very helpful as I've never had to have a gun worked on and don't know what to expect. Any help would be appreciated. Thx much.


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    Don't know about AR, but you could always call Para.

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    I wish I could help you out personally. I'd be good for 'A'-'C', but almost guarantee it'd take me a couple of weeks Not many I know of throughout the state or central AR, but there are likely some closer to you. I'd love to have it for a time and fix your problems.

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    good luck in yiour search. I'm begining to think that finding a good local gunsmith is quickly becoming a thing of the past. there's a young kid about an hour from me who just set up shop but I don't think he's had any real training and he's just learning as he goes. I commend him for following his passion but I wonder about his skill and experience level! You can always send the guns off but then you usually don't know them and the over night stuff costs an arm and a leg.

    I'd use RamRod if you can let it be gone a while.


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    I'd fix it for you but I quit taking in stuff a few weeks ago. I've done complete rebuilds of a couple of dozen 45's over the years,and tuned some guns that were having issues.
    There really isnt much too them and they arent hard to fix. The first thing I would do is tear it apart. You'll likely need a safety, a sear and possibly a new hammer depending on the condition of it.
    Gunsmiths are hard to find. As far as I know,there is only one in Russellville,a young guy who beats everything with a hammer and has the skills of a neanderthal. I get lots of his stuff to do over. I try not to do minor stuff as it takes time away from me building and modifying other guns.
    If you can wait till around the end of January sometime when I'm caught up,(hopefully) I could look at it for you. I'm outside of Russellville.Rather than drive up here you could just ship it me, I'm, an 07/02 FFL. If you are interested,PM me. If not, it's cool... I've got plenty to do.
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    Can't help but i wish you luck. The only one around me is both arrogant and ignorant.
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