used to be a lefty, what happened.

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Thread: used to be a lefty, what happened.

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    used to be a lefty, what happened.

    ok, i am naturaly a lefty. been shooting lefty as long as i have been shooting. when i got my chl i decided to carry on my right side as when i would carry my daughter it would be in my left arm, (she was born 4 months before i got my chl) just didnt feel right carrying her in my right arm and carrying my weapon on my left. so i practiced drawing and shooting with my right hand and got good and comfortable with it, still shooting with my left hand at the range just because im lefty. so today i went to the range to shoot my xmas gift to me (glock 23) and i was terrible with my left. my dad was there with me today and commented about me being lefty but shooting way better with my right. anyone ever discover they shoot better with their weak side after some practice. im not worried or anything like that, just found the whole thing interesting.

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    Not knowing your situation for sure but many that are opposite side eye dominant do find it easier to shoot with the off hand with practice.

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    I've found that when shooting weak-hand, I tend to think more about the mechanics than when I shoot strong-hand. To me strong-hand shooting is instinctual, but sometimes when you forget about the fundamentals, you get sloppy.

    I do work hard to be a competent shooter with either hand, unsupported. You just never know what is going to happen.

    Don't get too hung up on one range visit. Now, if it is an ongoing problem, more practice is my suggestion. Of course, I always suggest more range time.... it's just fun!
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    Why have a weak hand at all. Practice, practice, practice with both hands.
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