Rem Marine 870 versus 870

Rem Marine 870 versus 870

This is a discussion on Rem Marine 870 versus 870 within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I am interested in obtaining a Remington Marine 870. As it is manufactured with different materials. Anyone have any idea of the weight of either ...

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Thread: Rem Marine 870 versus 870

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    Talking Rem Marine 870 versus 870

    I am interested in obtaining a Remington Marine 870. As it is manufactured with different materials. Anyone have any idea of the weight of either the Marine model or a regular 870 if the options were all the same?

    I am but a petite flower and dont want a super big heavy shotgun. I work in Law Enforcment and the shotguns we carry are modified and are shorter than civilian shotguns, also we shoot reduced recoil ammo. So my girlieness is not affected.

    Anyway, as I aspire to be Sara Connor with my collection, I am setting my goal on that firearm. Anyone has any information they could share with me reguarding this gun?

    My husband bought me a Mossberg for Christmas (he is so romantic!) but that really wasnt what I have my heart set on. He said it was just as good and more reasonable priced.

    So discussion, or debate. Marine 870 versus any other 870 versus Mossberg, not sure what model, I left it at home in the safe.

    Any thoughts?
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    Nothing exceptional about the Marine 870 except for electroless nickel plating on ferrous parts which might rust in the marine environment. That won't translate into a noticeable weight difference - maybe an ounce more for the Marine model? It does not have the higher-quality parts and extra care in assembly that the LE shotguns enjoy, but that's not to say it's in any way a lesser gun. LE models are just built to a higher standard because they will be used far more than the sporting and personal defense models.

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    Unless rust is a severe problem in your area, I'd recommend the 870P (Police Magnum) with a 20" rifle sight barrel. Perfect shotgun for me. And tell your husband he's nuts if he thinks the Mossberg is the same quality. Welcome aboard!
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    I have a Mossberg M500 with well over 50K rounds through it and zero malfunctions. I personally have no problems with it's reliability or build quality.
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    Or you could get an older model Wingmaster 870 and build it up yourself. I have had this shoty since it was new and over the years have added on to it until it is what you see today.
    I really prefer the fit and finish of the pre 90's guns. I shoot reduced recoil rounds in mine so I do not need the 3" magnum chamber.

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    Rem Marine 870 versus 870-p26093812.jpg
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    Unless you're toting your 870 (or any make) on your boat or storing it in a beachside cottage, there's really not much advantage to the marine versions. The standard blued firearms will hold up fine with routine care.

    While I consider the 870 "nicer," it's mainly for its appearance and the fact I've always liked Remintons. Functionally, I grab either the Mossy or 870 in a heartbeat without a second thought as to getting the job done. The Mossy is less expensive but just as reliable, and that's what really counts. Aftermarket options seem to run equally available for either.
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    As long as you're not around water on a regular basis the mossberg should perform the duties you require. If you still just gotta have that Marine 870 go for it. How is one more gun gonna hurt?

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    What is it you don't like on the Mossberg, and what model do you have? I think the location of the safety is better on the Mossberg. I also like that the empty mag release is behind the trigger guard on the mossberg. On the 870 it's in front of trigger guard and you have to move your grip.

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    I prefer the Mossberg safety for starters.
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