Whats on YOUR list for new year?

Whats on YOUR list for new year?

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Thread: Whats on YOUR list for new year?

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    Whats on YOUR list for new year?

    My list

    -Savage Mark II 22lr Bolt Action
    -Ruger 22/45
    -22 Wheel gun of some sort to train for the double action trigger on my SP-101
    -22 conversion for my AR
    -Advantage arms 22 convesion for my glock 23
    -Finish my 870 with extended mag tube, light, side saddle and ghost ring sight setup

    I guess 2011 is going to be the year of the plinker for me with the exception of finishing my 870. Whats on your list?
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    I'm a simple man...
    Another Glock or two...
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    Really SW, Virginia
    hmmm, another SP101 (3 or 2 1/4 inch I don't know yet), a couple of Ruger MkIII 22/45 slabsides (that's right a couple). That's really about it.
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    Glock 26 XD9sc
    Ruger SR9c Ruger LCP

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    As I don't have a 357 magnum full size revolver looking to get a S&W 686+ or a Ruger GP 100. Henry Goldenboy in .17 HMR (just `cuz). I'd also like to get a blued PPK in 380 to go with my stainless one. Other than that nothing comes to mind, well unless this new 1911 really causes strong wants and needs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
    My list

    -Savage Mark II 22lr Bolt Action
    My first gun purchase, and still a favorite of mine good choice

    As for my list:
    mainly I need to get a back up gun, you know in case I have to shoot some would-be-pizza-robber and my EDC is detained in some evidence locker for an extended period. Will probably spring for another XD9 as I like to keep it simple.
    and a HD shotgun
    lots more ammo!!!!!
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    Saw and handled a Rock Island 1911 at the store/range today. Googled it a bit and it looks interesting...
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    If I do anything it will be just tweacking on a few of my pistols, magwell for the Kimber, night sights for the M&Pc along with a trip to Apex. After I get the interior in my 69 refreshed the list might get a little longer. I've herd bad things on that AR conversion, friend I shoot with never talks nice to his ? good luck, When I say bad things I just mean some jamming
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    Yuma, Arizona
    To complete stage three of my custom revolver project.
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    Hmmm....This year I want:

    Browning Lever Action .338
    Suppressed HK MP5
    WWII German Luger
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    Member Array Joeface's Avatar
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    Nov 2009
    North Carolina, Cabarrus Co.
    Bravo Company middy
    Springfield 1911

    Short list this year
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    You will love the Savage Mark II. I have the Mark II FV.

    I want to get a 21SF if I sell my TRP or 340. A 36, if I have anymore problems with the mag dropping out on my P9. I replaced the mag catch last week, but haven't tried it out since.

    I would also like to get a nice AK 47.

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    A shotgun, a lever action rifle and a .22lr rifle.

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    Feb 2010
    P229 Dark Elite in .357sig, with .40 barrel to go.
    Kimber Pro Carry.

    Oh, and something for the wife when she starts talking to me again after buying the new guns.

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    Well since it seems like I will not be able to pick up a new weapon before the year end, I would get a M&P9c and maybe a 3 inch Smith and Wesson 357mag...... maybe.
    Sig Sauer: P938 9mm Smith and Wesson: Sigma SW9VE 9mm

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    Oct 2010
    Need somthing small. Might get a sig p238, nitron finish with the rosewood grips.

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