Thanks bro! (1946 Lee Enfield SMLE)

Thanks bro! (1946 Lee Enfield SMLE)

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Thread: Thanks bro! (1946 Lee Enfield SMLE)

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    Thanks bro! (1946 Lee Enfield SMLE)

    Last Christmas I gave my brother a nice CZ82 from my collection (I still have 2 others of course). He returned the favor unexpectedly this year and gave me a 1946 GRI SMLE (No.1 MkIII).
    The rifle is all matching and in great overall condition but the firing pin/striker is broken so I just went ahead and ordered one from Numrich. I will give a range report when I get the old war horse up and running. It looks good in the safe beside my Maltby No.4 Mk1 Lee Enfield.

    FYI: Military rifles manufactured at Ishapore pre-1948 are stamped "GRI" on the buttsocket, referring to George Rex, Imperator (i.e. King George VI, last Emperor of India), whilst military rifles manufactured post-1948 are stamped "RFI", which stands for Rifle Factory, Ishapore.

    When I leave the home port:
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    Thats the best gift ever you lucky Dog !!
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    Great Christmas present and a nice piece of history.
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    Such a beauty!!! You really are a lucky guy
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    What a beauty! What a great gift!
    Thanks for sharing her with us.
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    Holy Schmoley that is one cool rifle. I really loved those Enfield SMLE's You have a great brother! What a great Christmas present!
    Semper Fi

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    Great gun. I've got one that says "Property of the United States Government" (or something like that). I"m guessing it's a lend-lease gun.
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    If only that rifle could talk...
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