Disappointed in TulAmmo from Walmart

Disappointed in TulAmmo from Walmart

This is a discussion on Disappointed in TulAmmo from Walmart within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I bought a box each of 9mm and .40 S&W TulAmmo at Walmart last week to take to the range this morning. I usually buy ...

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Thread: Disappointed in TulAmmo from Walmart

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    Disappointed in TulAmmo from Walmart

    I bought a box each of 9mm and .40 S&W TulAmmo at Walmart last week to take to the range this morning. I usually buy the Federal Champion, but since this was a couple of dollars cheaper I thought I'd give it a try.

    I figured since I was shooting it in my Glocks, 19 and 22 it would not matter, (since they normally eat everything I feed them). WRONG!!! I have 4 glocks and have never had a jam with brass cased ammo in any of them after 1000's of rounds. In addition to the Tul today I also shot some Remington .380 in my LCP, and Blazer aluminum cased .45's in my Kimber TLE II and XD Compact with zero malfunctions.

    The first thing I noticed with the steel cased Tul it was harder to load in the magazines...the steel case just did not want to slide in easy on top of the previous round. Never had this issue with brass cased ammo.

    The 9mm did not jam, but the .40 jammed on nearly every shot until I got down to about 5-6 rounds left in the mag. It was like there was a lot of friction and the top round in the mag wouldn't tilt up causing it to jam 1/2 way in to the chamber.

    Another negative I noticed about the Tul .40 was it seemed underpowered. I caught myself a few times double checking the chamber for a squib shot as a few just didn't have the same recoil as others.

    All in all, these will be my 1st and last boxes of TulAmmo...I'm going back to Federal Champion or WWB.
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    I shot some last weekend too. I was very disappointed. It was .380 through my LCP. 2 or 3 rounds out of every magazine jammed up one way or another. I thought it may had been me, but i have that happen once or twice out of a few boxes. I limp wrist sometimes and am getting better, but I knew it was the ammo on that one.

    The bullets seem to tip upwards without fully leaving the magazine, then it locks up.

    I am paying more for Federal. I used to not care, but I am tired of Tula and American Eagle. Eagles fine, just dirtier than I would like.

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    My experience has been the total opposite. I have about 500 rounds of the .223 through my AR with no failures. I had about 300 through my M&P45c with no issues and I also had about 300 through my M&P40c with no issued. Last time I was at Walmart paying 17 bucks a freaking box for .38 I said "Man, I wish they made Tul in .38...) Maybe I've just been lucky so far.
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    If it makes a Glock choke I don't want any.
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    I've seen the stuff myself on the shelves. Basic instincts kicked in, and I'm proud to say I've never tried it although tempted at one time. Maybe I've come to a point in my life where disappointments really start to piss me off. Taking less risks now, and living with what I have from the past decade when buying ammo was good. Buy American whenever you can. When you pay the price is up to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeftofMars View Post
    If it makes a Glock choke I don't want any.

    I've never heard of that brand, so they must not carry it at my WalMart.
    Our store is having a sale on the Winchester white box stuff right now. My husband's eyes bugged out when he saw my receipt, but later he asked when we were going to the range. hehehe
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    I've shot their 9mm, .40 and .45 rounds without any problems. While it's not the cleanest shooting ammo out there, I clean after each range trip, so don't worry too much about that.
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    Steel cases are something that I totally avoid.

    Brass is becoming more expensive, however, as the price of copper, a key ingredient of brass, has continued to go up greatly in recent years.

    And the way things are looking, the price of brass is only bound to rise even higher.


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    Frankly, I’ve never heard of the stuff until now but then again, I don’t shoot anything other than top-shelf ammo, training or otherwise. As for the rising cost of ammo, I tend to buy a couple of boxes as often as I buy apples and oranges. Over time, the results are fairly impressive.
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    I've shot it through my G30sf many times. I've probably shot about 500 rounds of the stuff without so much as a hiccup. It does feel like a softer shooting load than the WWB. Everyone always says it isn't as "clean" but after shooting 200 rounds in a range session I can't tell the difference between having shot WWB or Tul/Wolf ammo.

    The only thing about the ammo that I'd worry about is the steel cases. As was mentioned above, the cases are a bit "stickier" than brass cases. I don't carry my G30sf in 10+1 mode because putting 10 in the mag makes things too tight and unreliable. I did some tests in 10+1 mode on WWB vs Tul. The Tul's stickier cases seems to make the 10+1 issue on the G30sf a bit worse making the pistol FTRB after the first round more often than the WWB.

    For the range its perfectly fine ammo IMO. Needless to say this may not make good carry ammo. Although regardless of what I use I would recommend using the G30sf in 9+1 vs 10+1.

    PS. Before someone goes on a rant about Ball ammo for carry... I carry w/ hollowpoints. 230gr Gold Dots. My opinions above relate only to range use.

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    i generally avoid steel cased ammo in my handguns but have shot a fair amount of it through the mini 14 & 30 without a hickup...

    bought a few left over boxes of ammo from a coworker who sold his 9mm...2 boxes of tula in the mix...after the last idpa shoot i ran em through without any problem at all practicing some speed drills and shooting steel rapid fire...ran fine in my g19...

    i did notice the resistance when loading the mags...i also found that on my kci practice mags the spring wouldnt support or hold the rounds tight in the mag after 5 or 6 were loaded...it looked like the spring was broken and the rounds were just floating around in the mags...i didnt shoot out of the kci mags because of that...the glock mags held the rounds tight and functioned without fail...

    i wouldnt make it a regular diet but for the deal i got they were great for practice rounds....

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    Quote Originally Posted by lordhamster View Post
    Although regardless of what I use I would recommend using the G30sf in 9+1 vs 10+1.
    It doesn't matter what ammo you're using, if you can't fully load your gun, you have a magazine or gun problem. They are made to be used fully loaded, recommending that someone does anything other than fully loading thier gun is bad advise.

    Fully load your gun.
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    Ive blown through 500+ rounds of .45 tulammo with my HK45 and HK USC with no jamming what so ever.

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    Re: Disappointed in TulAmmo from Walmart

    I've never had any problems with tulammo .. except for extra cleaning. I no longer use it though.

    -- I don't always post from my mobile but when I do, I prefer Tapatalk.
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    Re: Disappointed in TulAmmo from Walmart

    I've never had a problem with Tula, .223 or .40S&W.

    Sent from up range, at about 3100 fps

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