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Duty weapon used in School Shooting

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View Poll Results: Should the father be charged with negligence

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Thread: Duty weapon used in School Shooting

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    Hmmm. At age 17 you can join the military with consent. If you are acting a butt on the football field with your car and get suspended from school and get all mad and stuff, and then like go and get your dads gun and shoot the principle...well of course it's your dads fault.
    Maybe the "nanny state" is to blame.
    Who should be be held accountable? Well maybe mister 17 year old has already made that determination and punished the principle for suspending him and punished his father for what ever punishment he was going to render.
    Case closed.
    Punishment lasting forever.
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    If there is a state statute about leaving a weapon accessible to a minor, then yes, he should be charged.
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    I voted no, he did nothing wrong.

    As a son of two LEOs, guns was available to me at anytime. With that being said, it seams like the kid was a high school kid since he got kicked out of school for driving his car. IMO, if your old enough to drive a car, then your old enough to know better than to take someones live. I do not thing that the parents should be held under the gun (no pun) for this.
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    I vote yes, the father was responsible for teaching his son about right and wrong, if he left his duty weapon unsecured for his son to steal, yes he was negligent because he enabled a minor to commit a crime, its the same as a parent who leaves alcohol in plain sight and view of their child, the child getting drunk then going out and driving. The parent is responsible for allowing the minor easy access to alcohol. Had it been a complete stranger who stole the gun he would not be negligent, but since this was his own kid, in my opinion he should have taught him better
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    Quote Originally Posted by mandalitten View Post
    I thought one post said he was 17. I would think anyone under the age of 18 is considered a minor, but I don't know what the definition is in NE in this case. rammerjammer, do you know what the definition is in NE?
    My point was the government has the right to charge 11, 14, and 15 year olds as adults when they feel that the "minor" child had a grasp and understanding of what they were doing. So in those cases they are double dipping if they would bring charges on the parents too. If this kid didn't shoot himself you know he would be charged as an adult and the courts would argue he was old enough to have full grasp and understanding of his actions and then therefor should pay the adult penalty.
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