delivery charge

delivery charge

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Thread: delivery charge

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    delivery charge

    I was going to order a Midway USA range bag that is half off, plus 5 soft pistol cases to protect my handguns... total came to $75.... guess how much they want for standard shipping that will take over a week???? $16 Am i missing something here?? Maybe its the inflated price of gas??? holy smokes man! Now i gotta wonder if it is worth the shipping or not. Maybe a trip to the local Gander Mtn may be in order. Bunker

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    Dont feel bad.
    The other day I ordered a front sight that came out to a whopping 6 bucks.
    Shipping was 7 dollars.
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    I don't know... I paid 14.99 for my rifle to be shipped from TN. And then spent $20 for 1000 rounds of 7.62x39 to be shipped from Fort Worth.

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    I drive for a large, small package carrier. Guess who! Anyway, a lot of the cost can be accidental. You may have wanted just to get it to your door but, Jimmy in shipping added other features. Signature release, indirect sign, proof of delivery, insurance,cod. It goes on and on. Our shipping program will easily add these features. Removing them is a pain. They all cost extra. Just please don't blame the driver. We have to deal with the complaint not management.

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    When a company says "shipping and handling", the shipping is the minimal portion. The handling is just a markup for profit.
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    A half tank of Diesel in my tractor trailer runs about $350 right now. That never helps. Everything, and I mean everything you buy spends part of it's life behind a tractor at some point.
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    I've often spent days on a buy searching for the best shipping rates. I try to balance the price and shipping to make a good deal. Many times, I can find what I want locally. Sometimes I just have to bite the bullet. state isn't taxing my internet purchases (yet). My simple satisfaction of getting around that could make or break a deal these days. You'll get screwed one way or another. Just depends on whom you'd rather take the wooden stick from, and how far you want to bend over. them and tell them what you think of the shipping charges. Many vendors do a flat rate. I'll almost bet they'd rather make the sale and come to an understanding with the shipping charges. If it won't happen, just tell them you're shopping other places.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bunker View Post
    ... range bag that is half off, plus 5 soft pistol cases ...
    Freight costs go up when it's heavy enough to use more gas, large enough to preclude taking on other shipments (and the related revenue from them), as well as the "extras" like signature, confirmation, Saturday delivery, etc. If it could all be stuffed into a USPS PM flat-rate medium box, then you'd see lower prices for freight. If one option was the "camel" route via USPS, you'd see lower prices. But if you're ordering a relatively large range bag and several pistol cases that all take up a bit of space, that represents a number of other shipments the freight company can't take on because your box is sitting there. Weight and size matters, when the freight rate tables are created. It's a bummer just how expensive bubble wrap can be, if shipped, or ammo. Both are apparently seriously out of whack for the weight (wrap) or size (ammo) of the package. But, it is what it is. Unsurprising.
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    I, too, have found that Midway seems to make up in S&H what they lose in (slightly) lower prices. Somehow, paying more for shipping a soft pistol case than 500 rounds of 230 grain .45 LRNs just doesn't seem right. I try to buy local when I can, but selection is terribly lacking in local GSs, and there's not much advantage in "special orders."

    I try to wait until I have multiple things to order online in order to get the most for my S&H buck.
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    I order from Midway and their shipping is higher than some. For me as with others it’s a mixed bag. If I can’t find it locally at a fair price I don’t have much choice. My local GS is absolutely no bargain and they usually don't have what I want. I’ve been shopping their for decades and I went there one day to have a grip screw cut shorter, and it took about 30-seconds and I was charged $10. Ever since then I order most everything from on-line, or I wait until I go to the Phoenix area.
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