DPM Systems has issued a safety recall for selected recoil reduction guide/spring products for the Walther PPS, and the Glock 26 and 27. A metal used to manufacture a bushing in these guide rod/recoil systems has been determined to have been out of spec. This has caused the part to shatter and break for multiple customers during firing, thus disabling the handgun and preventing it from being fired further.

NOTE: Customers that have purchased one of the captured rod/spring systems made by DPM Systems for the Walther PPS and Glock 26, 27 are NOT AFFECTED BY this this recall.

The recall is only for customers that purchased an open system design with removable main springs for these models of handguns. These products come with two sets of main springs, so that customers can adjust the power of the product.

If you believe that you own one of these products, full details about the recall are available on this webpage:


DPM systems is offering a free replacement bushing to all customers affected by this issue.

Below is an image of what the captured recoil guide system that is NOT AFFECTED looks like. If your DPM Systems product looks like this one, then you are fine, and need not contact the distributor.

This is the type that I got for my Walther PPS ( see photo below ), so I'm unaffected. But I guess that to play it safe, they emailed this notice to everyone that bought a DPM Systems product for these handguns. So I received this alert in my email too.