Plan on hunting Coyote's with my AR...what optics would you recommend?

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Thread: Plan on hunting Coyote's with my AR...what optics would you recommend?

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    Plan on hunting Coyote's with my AR...what optics would you recommend?

    I plan on doing some Coyote hunting with my son-in-law after he had some show up this season on his deer-cam. I'm not a deer hunter with a nice rifle/scope set-up and my choice of weapon is a Stag Arms AR 15 M4. This is my primary home defense and SHTF rifle that currently has iron sights, (Midwest Ind. flip-up rear and standard front post).

    I have studied the Vortex Strikefire red-dot that has very high reviews and is considerably less than the Aimpoint. I like this style of sight, quick acquisition...both eyes open. From what I have read this type of sight is very good out to 100 yards. The shooting distance where we will be hunting will probably be out to 150 yds., (depends how close we can call the 'yotes in).

    My S-I-L feels I need a cross-hair scope with 4-6 power magnification. I really don't want to mount this type of scope on my rifle due to it's primary home defense purpose.

    For those of you that hunt Coyotes with an AR...what is your recommendation?
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    I have a cheap simmons 3-9X40 on my AR-15 and it works great. AR's dont have alot of recoil, and as long as you dont slam the scope around it will maintain zero just fine. But you will surely find people saying that if you dont spend $1k on a scope its junk. I think mine cost around $70.

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    Check out the Millett DMS-1, it would work great for what you need at a very reasonable price, around $225 plus rings. Great in the field on 4x and works like a red dot on 1x for close up work. I had one on my AR-15 patrol rifle for a couple of years and was really happy with it. In fact, I sold the AR and switched to a SIG 556 with a Burris AR-332 but kept the Millett for another rifle.

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    I don't use an AR but a lot will depend on the type surroundings and terrain hunted. Open, flat, brushy, wooded? A low-power variable such as a 2X-7X will be ample for either HD or hunting. It's very easy to acquire a moving target with low-powered scopes. I have a 3x-9x on my 788 .223 and have shot running coyotes on several occasions.
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    I would advise against a red dot sight for hunting at 100 yards. The dot on the Vortex Strikefire is 4 MOA (same as most Aimpoints), which means that if your aim is perfect and your bullet is perfect and your target is completely still, you have a four-inch uncertainty as to where your bullet hits. I'd accept that maybe on a deer-sized or larger animal, but not on an animal half that size. Realistically, the uncertainties in the trigger squeeze, the stability of the rifle, the ammunition, and any wind or movement of the target all conspire to double or triple that four inches. Not good enough odds IMO for an ethical hunter.

    I'd suggest a modestly-priced scope and decent rings, then save your shekels for the real deal (Aimpoint - e.g., H-1 Micro) for defensive and training purposes.
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    Cabelas has Nikon Prostaff scopes on sale. The 2-7 X 32 is only $94. This is a fantastic scope for an AR. You can also get a detachable mount that will hold zero. It's the best of both worlds for not too much $$$.
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    Truthfully ..... 150 yrds ... shoot it ... 200 yrds, aim a inch or two high .... unless you need the scope to see them better / clearer or to get a clear bead due to obstructions.
    Where we are, if you can't see the coyote well at 400-500 yrds away then you are blind. On the AR I use iron sights with 200 - 400 - 600 yrd marks on them. If I"m out and about with my Marlin lever action, I 'll shoot them with iron sights up to about 250 yrds. easily.
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    red dots are only good to 100y for small targets.. past that, the dot is bigger then the target... i use 20 to 24x on most of all my varmit guns, but a 32x would be nice for 600y+ shots

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    Stag #1 with 3X9 Burris and Honady 75 grain TAP or Match. Burris Red Dot for inside 100 yards for two legged critters.

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    I like red dot sights on a combat rifle. With an Aimpoint, I am confidant in my skills from 0-300m on human sized targets.

    That being said, on smaller targets like coyotes, I would think that something in a low power, like 2-4 would be more appropriate. It does depend on eyesight and the shooter's skill level.
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    I've actually been looking for a similar setup. I don't want to spend a lot of money on something ill use for just plinking and coyotes. Over on the primary arms optics have nothing but good reviews. You can get an aimpoint clone, a flip out mount and a 5x magnifier for about $200. Best of both worlds. Red dot for close and magnifier for further.

    It is what it is. Not top of the line but probably fine for what we are both looking for. If I happen to get it ill let you know my thoughts.

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