spent shell ejection path ??

spent shell ejection path ??

This is a discussion on spent shell ejection path ?? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; can anyone explain what causes spent shell casings to eject directly towards the shooters head and face..i've seen this happen with several models and brands ...

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Thread: spent shell ejection path ??

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    spent shell ejection path ??

    can anyone explain what causes spent shell casings to eject directly towards the shooters head and face..i've seen this happen with several models and brands including the G26,Smith M&P etc.i think Nutnfancy has a video posted where he's shooting a S&W M&P and almost every other spent shell casing hits him in the head,shoulders and a few in the face.another video of someone shooting a Gen 4 G19,same thing.he actually addresses this problem in the video..

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    My G27 does this with Winchester 180g FMJ. Next time I go to the range I'll try different ammo.

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    It's a combination of many things: recoil spring strength, amount/type of powder, mechanics of the gun, etc. Sometimes it's the manner in which the shooter holds the firearm. A different ammo brand/load will eject to a different place.

    My CZ-82 used to toss cases across the county line. A heavier recoil spring keeps them in walking distance now.
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    Colt Defender had the reputation of hitting the shooter in the forehead, or so I've read. it never happened to me but on one shot, and I believe my grip was a bit loose at the time. As previously stated there are other factors as well. Perhaps concentrate on grip at first, see what happens, then go from there. Good luck
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    Ed Brown's website has some interesting information on the topic but frankly, I'm too lazy to dig it up right now. I'm still debating whether I have enough energy to paint a wall in my office.
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    You can put a relief cut on the extractor or slightly move the position of the ejector and that will alter the ejected shell casing trajectory.

    It's a fairly easy solvable problem & worth the effort to be rid of the problem....especially when it occurs w/ a self-defense or competition handgun where the distraction would or could be a serious problem.

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