Glock IOP purchase. Somewhat a gun shop rant.

Glock IOP purchase. Somewhat a gun shop rant.

This is a discussion on Glock IOP purchase. Somewhat a gun shop rant. within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Sorry for the long post! To start off, I'm curious if anyone knows the true price of a G27 with Trijicon night sights under Glocks ...

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Thread: Glock IOP purchase. Somewhat a gun shop rant.

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    Glock IOP purchase. Somewhat a gun shop rant.

    Sorry for the long post!

    To start off, I'm curious if anyone knows the true price of a G27 with Trijicon night sights under Glocks IOP. If I can get this information, I will provied the specifics that might possible prove the shop was attempting pulling a fast one on me.

    Hello everyone, I have a few questions to ask of the collective mind. I had been looking to purchase a Glock 27 through Glock's Individual Officers program, which gives discounts on new firearms to LEO, Military, FD, EMT, EMT-P, TSA, etc. I sent out a few emails to local gun shops in search of one that participated and had a Glock 27 with Trijicon nights sights in stock. I received a response from one that said they did participate and that they had a G27 with Trijicon night sights in stock ready to go. Excited for my purchase, I drove 25 minutes to the shop.

    Upon arrival, I waited for 10 minutes until someone acknowledged me and the shops owner was free and able to assist me in my purchase. The owner was the gentleman who communicated with me with my email inquiries. I confirm what I was there for, the owner then begins to inform me that Glock will no longer be supplying firearms with nights sights (Strike one!). He quickly gathers the firearm out of the back room, sets it on the counter, opens the box at leaves it there. Never did he attempt to clear the firearm(maybe this is my pet-peeve, who knows. Strike two) I cleared the 27 and began to inspect. G27, check. Night sights, check. 2 mags, check. Feed ramp is new and overall gun appears to be unused.

    Satisfied for the moment, I proceed with the purchase. As I'm gathering my credentials, with my wallet and several ID cards out on the counter(my CCW gets stuck in the wallet behind other cards), the employee calling in for the check begins to talk to me in an irritated tone to get my ID out (strike three). It's 100% obvious I'm in the process of gathering my ID. I respond in a polite tone, "I'm working on it sir".

    I'm second in line for the background check and a fellow customer next to me starts up a conversation. It basically goes like this:

    Sig Guy: What gun are you getting

    Me: Glock 27

    Sig Guy: Oh that's nice, I no longer buy plastic guns. Do your self a favor and don't waste your money on an XD.

    Me: I already did, 2 years ago. Why? Something happen?(with a quizzical expression on my face)

    Sig Guy: I had one that I put 6k rounds through, then it broke on me. They were mostly +P rounds. Every time I would shoot it, I would have one on target, then another up to the right and another down to the left. With my Sig's, that never happens. They are a lot more accurate .

    Me: (Dumbfounded look)

    Sig Guy: You should look into getting a small Sig Sauer. There's one over there in the case that can fit in your pocket, it disappears. Here, I will show you.

    Me: You mean the P-238? I have considered a Sig, but I'm looking for something small and in .40, I don't believe Sig makes anything like the 27.

    He then proceeds to walk me over to the case and points to a P-238

    I'm now waiting to pay for my Glock, standing next to an employee half racking a 92fs, all while pointing the muzzle right at me. After about 5 racks, he ejects the magazine and looks at the rounds in the mag .

    Strike Four.

    I spend the next 10 minutes dodging muzzles while trying to GTFO ASAP.

    About a quarter mile down the street, I had an epiphany. I pull over into a parking lot and take out the Baby Glock. I look at the sights. "GLOCK" imprinted on them, with "Trijicon" no where in sight.

    I turn around and drive on back. Sure its just a misunderstanding. I meet an employee on a smoke break outside the front door. I ask him about my situation. He brushes me off and says Trijicon and Glock sights are exactly the same. I understand that Glock may purchase parts for their sights from Trijicon, but I'm under the impression that Trijicon has their own separate line which glock supplies installed from the factory.

    Emp: If you don't believe me, go inside and ask.

    Me: Don't mind if I do.

    I find the store owner, who asks me "whats up". In short(I will spare you since you've read this far!), he tells me that I have the right sights and the firearm is priced correctly. I inquire about Trijicon sights, he states that they don't get any from Glock with Trijicon sights and that he knows there is a difference between Glock night sights and Trijicon Sights.

    I now calmly go about, in front of about 5 other customers, informing him that he had quoted me a G27 with Trijicon night sights at the IOP price. He then says right to my face that I never specified Trijicon Sights.

    I begin to pull out my smart phone and say with a smirk "yes I did, would you like to see the emails?"

    Shop Owner: I take that back, I never read anything about Trijicon night sights. Trijicon sights will cost you an extra $150 on top of the price you paid.

    I had just finished a 48 hour shift at the fire department, and I'm surprised I hadn't flipped out over this whole experience. Being tired and slightly annoyed already, it may have helped me get through without accepting the BS it seems they had pulled on me. I wound up getting a refund via a check, waiting for it to clear. Overall an interesting experience, with a good outcome. It all could have been avoided if I had taken a few extra seconds to look at the sights, this could all be my wrong doing. However, the odd responses and blow offs make me think.

    Just thought I would share my rant, as some of you get a kick out of this stuff. If you want your 5 minutes of life back, I will happily give refunds.
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    Customer service is hard to find.
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    Always look at what your buying before you buy it! It does not speak well of their establishment, the way you have explained it. Do you have a Better Business Bureau you could make a complaint to? I have made complaints on a few businesses that I did not feel fairly treated, all have made amends to clear it off of their record.
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    That is a gun shop that I would begin driving gun shop(s), two of them, address me by name AS I walk in...I always get a better price than is listed. A gun shop taking my money is going to make be feel appreciated as a customer or I don't do business.OMOYOMV
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    Well, good you checked it when you did and you didn't get further down the road, or discover it a few days later.

    I find many gun shops.... glossing over what you want, vs what they think they can push on you, and then acting stupid about it. You just found one.
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    Take your account to the state attorney general's office. This was a clear attempt at fraud -- selling you the wrong sights. They probably won't act on it, but you don't know whether other people have complained as well. I support gun stores, but crooked gun stores make everyone look bad.

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    Off the top of my head I don't remember Trijicon sights being available for IOP. The Glock night sights definitely are, but I don't recall the price. Glock night sights are Meprolights with polymer housing instead of metal like the regular Mepros. If I remember, I'll post what the IOP guns go for when I get to the shop later today.
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    30 seconds checking over the gun at the shop could have saved you some troubles.

    Do you have some legitimate gripes about the shop, sure. However, I have never walked to the payment counter when purchasing a gun without looking it over very well and most times taking it apart, reassembling it and dry firing it a couple of times.

    Sounds like you might want to look for a new gun shop to visit. I don't feel that there are enough reasons to contact the BBB or the AG's office. Most AG's office don't deal with consumer complaints.
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    Wouldn't hurt to let some of your cop friends in on your story, too. Sooner or later word will get around that this guy is a difficult person to work with, and as his business starts to dry up he'll just go away. Then you'll get some good deals on the fire (no pun intended) sale!
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    Buds gun shop has blue label guns for 398. With either GNS or Trijicons it's 450. Just inquired yesterday, they are only 20 miles from my house.

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    My LEO dealer here in WV, the LEO distributor for the state sells all 9, 40 and .357 for 455 out the door with night sights. When i bought my 27 many years ago from him I got to choose what I wanted, because he ordered Mepro, Ameriglo, and Trij and he installed on a OEM polymer sight gun. I just bought a G26 from him for my wife, and he says all of his nightsights are now "Glock" NS. He said Glock doesnt sell Trij or Mepro direct, because they are "making" their own now. He can buy the Glock sights much cheaper than the other "brands". That being said, you did receive poor customer service, I wouldnt go back either.
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    I have been shopping my local gun shop for decades, and most of the employees have been there as long. However, it's hard for them to stay on top of what they’re selling. I’ve learned the hard way that you need to validate everything you’re told.
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    I think all LEO/Mil "Blue Label" guns come with standard or Glock night sights. Should have 3 mags also in 9 & .40 cals.

    Clearly this business isn't up front in its dealings. I hate that. It sounds like they sold you what they had on hand versus getting you the Blue Label package that you wanted.
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    I had found a price sheet for the IOP program which shows all of the options and prices. They attempted to selll me a 27 with Glock sights for the price of a 27 with trijicon sights. It was $495 plus tax, which seemed appropriate for trigicon. I wi
    ll be contacting Glock inc today for clarification.
    It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.
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    I believe the program price is about 447.25 for LEOs with a letter from their Commanding officer Chief, Sheriff. I believe if you call Glock, you'll get the real deal price
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