Every now and then,,,,,,

Every now and then,,,,,,

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Thread: Every now and then,,,,,,

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    Every now and then,,,,,,

    Monkeys fall out of trees!!!!!!!

    My 21 yr old son is asked by one of his co workers if hes interested in buying a 110 Savage( no accutrigger) 300 Win Mag. Hard rifle case, cleaning kit, box of shells, leather sling, topped with a 3x9-44 Simmons Scope for $200.00

    I tell the boy, if he don't I will.

    He bought it.
    Looks like New, guy probably had less than a box thru it.

    A guy I work with says he wants to sell his S&W SW9ve W/five mags, and the case/paperwork (he bought it new in Dec. 2008), and has a hogue slip-on for $180.00

    He wants to buy an XD in .45 for a trail/camp gun, and one shop offered him $100, and another offered him $140.

    I tell him what the heck, for that price, Oakey-Doakey.

    Not nearly as good a trigger as my M&P9c, but this really doesn't seem to bad a pistol.

    Better trigger than my Kel-tec P11 tho.

    He has run 2000+ rounds thru, with all mags, without any hiccups, and that it eats anything from wolf to Remington white to S&B Federal, FMJ, Hollowpoints.

    Thing is clean as a whistle.
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    Sounds like you and your son both found pretty good deals.

    As far as the 9VE, the trigger isn't great, but the newer production models are reliable. It makes for a decent back-up gun in case your primary goes down and you need something now.
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    Knowing the right people, at the right time can sometimes yield benefits. Sounds like you did good.
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    Bought lottery tickets yet?

    Nice deals!
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    Two 'steals'...like already advised, go buy some lottery tickets.
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    The SIGMA gets a bad rap, but if one's budget is limited, it's a great choice.
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