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So mom got her conceal carry permit...but...

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Thread: So mom got her conceal carry permit...but...

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    You could also try a Ruger SP-101 loaded with 38's. The heavy weight soaks of the recoil and makes .38's quite mild.
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    Well unfortunately a lot of people make the mistake of buying snubbie 38s for new shooters. They are little and cute and what a gun "should" look like according ot a lot of people from what they see on some TV shows. They are difficult to master and do have some substantial recoil. I would try letting her shoot a .22 someif you have one change out to some softer grips and let her shoot some rental guns to see what she likes. Let her find something else and trade the snubbie towrds it or stick it out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
    You could also try a Ruger SP-101 loaded with 38's. The heavy weight soaks of the recoil and makes .38's quite mild.


    lightweight revolvers, like snappy little .380 "mice" are not made for novice shooters.

    The only thing I might add to Rollo's advice is to check into the SP101 in .327 magnum... and shoot .32 spl for practice. Regardless of the choice, if it's a revolver, and for a novice, beginner, or just an "occassional" shootere, I would strongly suggest staying far, far away from the lightweights.


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    OP, I think you've seen the error of your ways. Lightweight .38 in the hands of someone who's never fired guns?

    A little range time with a .22 would have given you an idea of how she'd react to firing a gun. I agree that a revolver is a good choice, and she may eventually grow accustomed to the Airweight, but working up to the higher powered rounds is usually needed.

    Still, kudos to mom for her efforts (and you for encouragement)! I won't recommend any particular caliber or gun (you'll get enough of those), but find her something with less bite and let her become accustomed to it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by atctimmy View Post
    I don't normally suggest guns to people, but I'll suggest a Bersa Thunder .380. They are all steel, built solid and a little heavy so they shoot really soft. For a small CCW gun they are really nice to shoot.

    I know the .380 doesn't get allot of respect, but you really want a gun that SHE feels comfortable with. They are cheap too. <-- :)

    ^^^^^^This is a very plausible option^^^^^^^^^^^^

    IF after you see how she understands and can function the slide on one of your auto's before you go buy her anything else.
    If she is not really into firearms, a hammerless revolver is probably the safest for her in a potentially high stress situation, wherein all she will have to remember is to squeeze the trigger or not!!

    Quote Originally Posted by INccwchris View Post
    when Mom got her permit, unfortunatley I did not have the money to get her something like that for her to carry. So I paid for half her permit and am making up for it with custom holsters. In the end, it turned out better that I did not pick out her gun for her, as I would have picked something that fit me and not her. Take Mom to the gun shop and to the range. Let her try somethings on her own and buy her a gun she likes and can shoot reliably in a decent caliber. Then IF she decides later to carry her 642 she can, if not, you can keep it for her and carry it untill she decides to give it another go. As it turned out, my mother loves the S&W Bodyguard .38 she picked out and is very good with it.

    ^^^^^^^^^^PLEASE do this, first and foremost^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Quote Originally Posted by resqr9142 View Post
    Congratulations to your Mom getting her CCW permit. And you're a good son for getting her that .38. Unfortunately it doesn't sound like she did much practice with rental handguns before getting the snubbie.

    So, I'd say as difficult as it may be, start over. Take her to a local indoor range and let her try out various models/calibers before SHE decides which is best for her.

    Good try though.

    ^^^^^AND this^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    If you do know someone who has a .22 that can go shooting with you and your mom, or if they will loan it to you, for that purpose,(it may save you from this expense) that may be an idea.
    Good luck and GOOD job having moms safety and well being in mind.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kb2wji View Post
    As alot of you have said, the airweight isnt the best bet for a new shooter. I agree, but was trying to get something she could grow INTO, rather than grow OUT of. I think I failed at that LOL I'm not a revolver guy. I only own semi's, but in my mom's case I think the revolver is the way to go. I'll check out those Beretta's to see what they're all about...good idea! I'll also try some hogue grips (I shoulda thought of that, as I have them on my Sig). I appreciate everyone's input!
    I congratulate you for helping "mom" out, and helping her find the right gun and wanting her to be protected. I also congratulate her for doing it. Really .... Kudo's to MOM and YOU. You have a lot of ideas to operate on, let us know what she settles in on..... and don't let her get discouraged, and don't give up on it.
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    I appreciate all the input. She's going to give it another try with some gloves on. She also wants to get a target oriented pistol, so we'll be looking possibly at some .22's anyway. Hey who knows, if she decides she really doesnt want the .38, maybe I could .... well.... :)

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    In regards to your question... I would put the .38 Airweight away and chalk it up to a bad experience on buying a gun for someone else you think is right for her. The gun has left a bad taste in her mouth and injured her hand on the very first time she shot it. Shooting it with gloves is not going to improve it much if any. That is a good way to ruin a new shooter for life. Small snubbies with small grips are one of the worst guns to introduce a new novice shooter with.

    I'm glad she's determined to give it another shot, but your best bet is to do it with a different gun. What I would do is take her to the range and see about renting a few different guns and let her decide on what's going to be best for her!
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    My wife has a 642 that hurt her hand also. Hogues make a big difference as they cover the backstrap and provide some cushion on the hand. Well worth the money I spent on the grips.

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    After many adventures into the smaller lightweight firearms I learned one thing. Lightweight/Air weight/Ultra Light are for experts and bugs only. The most painful handgun I have ever fired and Ive fired .22 to .500 was a Grendal P-12 .380ACP. I fired 11 rounds, and decided after that final trip to the light ones that if it doesn't have enough weight to make a single loading tolerable then its too Light. Because honestly if it hurts that bad after a few rounds then you're not going to shoot it, and its nothing more then a very bad option.
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    If you can, take to a range that rents several makes and models and let her pick one. As you have learned, you cannot pick a handgun for someone else. It just doesn't work.

    I have a friend who had a similar experience. Someone loaned her a 9mm for her class. She hated it and bruised her hand. Someone else got her a nice .380 (not a mouse type). She loved it and shot it like a champ. That is what she carries now.

    And for those who don't think a .380 will kill, we had a shooting here in town a couple of weeks ago. One shot in the chest with a .380. The victim went to the morque.
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    as stated before the ruger sp101 with houge grips is a good choice, but also if you went with a 380 then check out the sig 232 also with houge grips its big enough to get a full grip on it, and is a great gun, JMO.

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    The Sig 232 is a fantastic gun. It would be very high on the list, but I wanted to keep her away from auto's. She doesnt want to put in the time learning to clear jams etc... Also I would be worried about her hand strength / dexterity in the event of a jam. She was absolutely turned off by my PPK. I'm sure a 232 is a little easier to operate and use, but still in the same general catagory. I'll have to talk to her about some auto's though. If I can get her to work with me on the mechanics of the gun, it might be an option. And who knows, if I end up getting her a Sig, maybe ill inheret a sweet airweight he he he

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Congrats on mom's permit, now let HER pick out the right gun for her...obviously, YOUR pick wasn't a winner, but kudos for trying.
    +1 Take her to the rental range and let her try a few so she can find the one she is most comfortable shooting and carrying. That is the only way she'll carry it.
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