So mom got her conceal carry permit...but...

So mom got her conceal carry permit...but...

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Thread: So mom got her conceal carry permit...but...

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    So mom got her conceal carry permit...but...

    Mom just took her class for her conceal carry permit. I bought her a S&W 642 Airweight .38 for Christmas. She brought it to the class, and had a pretty horrible time shooting it. She's never shot a handgun before, so it was a new experience. After about 15 rounds, she could no longer shoot it. Her hand is now bruised pretty obviously, and she said that it hurt like crazy. She finished the class with a borrowed Walther .22 with no problem at all.

    Heres my question...
    Should I work with her using the .38, or entertain other options. I was thinking of having her try it again, maybe with gloves on. I think she may be flinching before her shots, and maybe compromising her grip a little, causing the gun to jump a little more. I'm just afraid that if she ever found herself needing to use it, she would be afraid to. My other option is to get a smaller .22 magnum revolver or something similar. I dont want to go the semi auto route for a laundry list of other reasons I wont go into.

    Keep working with her on the .38? Or start looking at other guns?
    Thanks guys!

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    airweight, ouch, yeah.

    I'd entertain other options if I were you.
    I thoroughly enjoy shooting my mom's .38 colt (and it's an old heavier model) but my XD9sc is considerably softer to shoot. Also fits my hands better. Did you choose this gun FOR your mom or did she pick it out for herself? Need to get one that is comfortable in HER hands. Good belt/holster and concealment shouldn't be an issue with a heavier gun.
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    Put some Houge grips on it, will cut down on the hurt!
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    IMHO ... don't buy her a feather-light, airlight... or anything with the word "light" in it. The recoil in some of them are way more than a typical and normal made .38 or .357. I have one friend who makes bets with people they can't shoot 5 shots thru his, he says rarely they make it to 3 shots from "experienced " shooters. I made it to 5... and wanted to take a sledge hammer to it. I've shot other's that weren't as bad as his, but every one of them convinced me to NEVER own one. And, I"m a revolver person for a looooong time.

    A typical weight .38 with +P's, will seem calm to the featherlight. Otherwise, go down the line... to a .380, then a .32, then a .25. I'm betting she'll stop at the 'normal' .38 or the .380.

    Don't forget Berretta makes a .25 and a .32 with a flip up barrel for loading... and unloading.
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    Congratulations to your Mom getting her CCW permit. And you're a good son for getting her that .38. Unfortunately it doesn't sound like she did much practice with rental handguns before getting the snubbie.

    So, I'd say as difficult as it may be, start over. Take her to a local indoor range and let her try out various models/calibers before SHE decides which is best for her.

    Good try though.
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    My fiance has the 642 and she has trouble with it as well. A combination of the light weight and lack of strength in her fingers to pull the trigger smoothly. The double action pull on revolvers can be tough for those with daintier hands. I am now trying to convince her that it is safe to carry a auto loaded, and that carrying unloaded is just a liability.
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    As alot of you have said, the airweight isnt the best bet for a new shooter. I agree, but was trying to get something she could grow INTO, rather than grow OUT of. I think I failed at that LOL I'm not a revolver guy. I only own semi's, but in my mom's case I think the revolver is the way to go. I'll check out those Beretta's to see what they're all about...good idea! I'll also try some hogue grips (I shoulda thought of that, as I have them on my Sig). I appreciate everyone's input!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kb2wji View Post
    ...I'll also try some hogue grips...
    Better still, try the Hogue grips on a heavier steel revolver. My wife and daughter don't even like shooting standard velocity .38's in my S&W 637 but shoot .357's in their Model 60's. The Airweights have a bite!
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    when Mom got her permit, unfortunatley I did not have the money to get her something like that for her to carry. So I paid for half her permit and am making up for it with custom holsters. In the end, it turned out better that I did not pick out her gun for her, as I would have picked something that fit me and not her. Take Mom to the gun shop and to the range. Let her try somethings on her own and buy her a gun she likes and can shoot reliably in a decent caliber. Then IF she decides later to carry her 642 she can, if not, you can keep it for her and carry it untill she decides to give it another go. As it turned out, my mother loves the S&W Bodyguard .38 she picked out and is very good with it.
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    Put some Hogue soft rubber grips on it and get reduced recoil ammo. And if it is not enough get a pair of shooting gloves too.
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    Have someone load you some low powered SWC for practice. My wife shoots them in her 642 without a problem. I tried to steer my wife away from the 642 because of all the harsh recoil stories I had read about. She in insisted on a 642. I already had a bunch of SWC target loads loaded up and the 642 is fun to shoot with this round.
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    Congrats on mom's permit, now let HER pick out the right gun for her...obviously, YOUR pick wasn't a winner, but kudos for trying.
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    I have a range gun and a carry gun. The carry gun is too painful to shoot more than 5 rounds. I do all of my practice with the range gun and only shoot 5 rounds out of the carry gun every few months. My recommendation is to buy her a full sized revolver for her range gun. Otherwise she will develop a really nasty fear based flinch.

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    I don't normally suggest guns to people, but I'll suggest a Bersa Thunder .380. They are all steel, built solid and a little heavy so they shoot really soft. For a small CCW gun they are really nice to shoot.

    I know the .380 doesn't get allot of respect, but you really want a gun that SHE feels comfortable with. They are cheap too. <-- :)
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