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Thread: Hand Gun Hunting

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    Deer, .44 Redhawk
    More groundhogs than I can count, a blackpowder .44 Old Army Ruger.
    Misc. squirrel/rabbit, Ruger Single Six
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    Quote Originally Posted by bmcgilvray View Post
    Carried it some this past season but the only time I saw deer while packing it was from 2000 yards away.
    Dude - you have some serious eyesight. I am envious.
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    Hah, 2000 yards. I wish!

    How about 200 yards. Due to the brush, that's about as far as I can see on our old place. Leave it to the deer to stay just as far away as possible and still be seen when I only have a handgun with me.
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    I killed three hogs with my Taurus Raging Bull 454 last year. Man,,,,what a gun!

    Here is why I like the handgun so much. I can shoot it with one hand when loaded with Magtech 260Gr SJSP.
    (Click on the picture of the ugly guy to watch the video)

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    Great Pictures ! Thanks for posting.
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    Never pistol hunted before but I just bought a Taurus 66 6" SS - going to give it a try this season. Most of my deer shots come at 175+ yards so it might be tough. Going to try to hog hunt for the first time, it should be up to it with some Buffalo Bore 180's. Is the .357 enough gun? I also bought it as short range bear deterrent. Have several bears on the property and my 30-06 may be to slow to ready if I run up on one - plus the scope makes close shots difficult.
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    Ruger Redhawk 5.5 inch 44 mag with factory sights. Great gun for the woods.
    Just remember that shot placement is much more important with what you carry than how big a bang you get with each trigger pull.
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    Jbr,,,the 357 will be enough with a good shot placement. I like just below the ear and the neck area. As you can see here the heart is small and well hidden behind a little bit of bone and the thick plate they have on each side. They will run a good ways with a heart shot.

    All three of the ones you see were shot at about 30yards in the neck or just below the ear. They fall and dont move!

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    I am looking into Hog hunting .44 is ready.

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