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Pf9 slide release lever, very hard to push

This is a discussion on Pf9 slide release lever, very hard to push within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I never use a slide release button, on any gun. It's push the slide back very slightly and release it.... done....

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Thread: Pf9 slide release lever, very hard to push

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    I never use a slide release button, on any gun. It's push the slide back very slightly and release it.... done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Agave View Post
    It's a slide stop, not a slide release. Release the slide with the slide, not by pressing on the slide stop. It solves a lot of problems.
    That's your answer. Forcing it to do both, will eventually make it worthless for either.

    You can buff out both edges to make it happen, but you'll have your finger stuck in there one day when it decides to release and you'll be praying out loud, very loud...

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    Find and extended slide stop.

    Quote Originally Posted by taseal View Post
    I've shot about 300 rounds through my pistol, and this dang slide release lever is still stiff as it was the first day! I cant even manipulate it with two thumbs! Only way to work it is if I use a table edge to push it. For now I just manually release the slide (I'm a lefty, so during speed reloads I can't even manipulate it) but I'd like to get it to work!

    Any tips? A spot i can lube extra or polish maybe?

    I found your question while searching for a supplier for an extended slide (stop, or release - I could care less) for the Keltec 9mm. My Brother-in-law bought one and showed it to me today. The first thing that I noticed was the wimpy slide stop. I had the same problem with Glock pistols.

    The simple solution for the Glocks was to install an extended slide stop. This gives the user more surface area for the thumb to press downward on, thus making it easier.

    I haven't found one for the Keltec, yet. If you can find one, that will most likely solve your problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by streakpi View Post
    Heck, my issue with this weapon (other than it not working some of the time) is the assembly pin not coming out when pulled. I use a multi-tool just to pry it out - leaving scratches, etc. Sorry you are having issues with the slide stop/release.
    Read your manual,they recommend using the rim of a case to pop the pin out.
    I use the slingshot method on all my guns when loading,it's too easy for a thumb/finger to slip off a slide stop/release and with practice is just as fast and more reliable
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    I learned to release the slide on autoloaders by pulling back on the slide and releasing. That's just how I learned, and it works on all makes and models.
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    Using slide Stop, using sling shot; either works. It you're not supposed to press the slide lock(stop, catch, etc.), why does it have a tab sticking out instead of being total concealed so one's thumb won't inadvertantly activate it? Glock itself says either way. Whatever works best for you. It's another one of those endless, senseless arguments like storing mags full or empty, one in the chamber or not.

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    For all who say the two handed (i.e. slingshot) operation of the slide is the way to go; I agree it is the best option under normal circumstances. But I do have a question. How does one release the slide if one hand becomes temporarly or permanently disabled?

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