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"Gun with 3 safeties" blamed for inability to shoot home invader

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Thread: "Gun with 3 safeties" blamed for inability to shoot home invader

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    Oops she didn’t get killed her husband did

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    Quote Originally Posted by buckeyeLCPL View Post
    Merely owning a gun, does not make one a gunfighter.
    And being well-trained (a "gunfighter"?) doesn't guarantee that mechanical external safeties will be disengaged in such a moment of crushing pressure as people can experience when under violent, murderous attack. Some people's chemical dumps overwhelm their abilities to deal with the motor skills to manipulate the gun. This is one of several such incidents I have heard of involving a civilian. There have been incidents in which police officers fire their guns empty and don't even realize they're empty. Wouldn't surprise me in the least if some incidents have occurred in which an officer, soldier or other well-trained person got caught in much the same situation of failure to disengage safeties blocking the operation of the gun. Which of course is why we train, hopefully to avoid this and all other impediments in the heat of such moments.
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