Gun instructor in shootout; no one injured

Gun instructor in shootout; no one injured

This is a discussion on Gun instructor in shootout; no one injured within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; “It is the first time I have ever had someone shoot at me and it is the first time I have ever shot back,” ...

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    Gun instructor in shootout; no one injured

    “It is the first time I have ever had someone shoot at me and it is the first time I have ever shot back,” said Thalheimer, who has taught hundreds of people defensive shooting tactics at Sandy Thalheimer Defensive Gun School.
    Click the link for much more curious info.
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    Does his business not have insurance?
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    Sounds to me like he made a whole lot of bad decisions. I wont be looking into his gun club any time soon. Confronting armed men over jewelry with a 5 shot revolver?! seriously? Glad he was not hurt, and no bystanders were hit.
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    Doesn't sound like he practiced what he preached. I mean, at a minimum, I assume he taught reloading skills?

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    Wow this guy sounds like a real piece of work. This is some stunt you would expect out of the mind of a 16-yr old kid fresh out of a viewing of Commando, not a "nationally recognized master". Pitiful.

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    Who knows...Maybe those men could drive on and run over a little kid speeding off or kill an officer in the process.
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    He's a blowhard. Master Instructor misses every shot...
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    Is this one of those "Talk the talk but couldn't walk the walk" cases?

    I guess he's finally figured out that when bullets start coming at you, suddenly all the rules change.
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    5 round capacity against multiple threats? I bet he will start carrying a higher capacity semi-auto after this. Considering his line of work, he should have been carrying something with higher capacity anyway.

    Master lever shooter, huh? Maybe with a semi auto. A lot of regular IDPA and IPSC shooters shoot semi-autos, but carry a pocket revolver. The poor little revolver usually doesn't get much range time at all.

    I am a firm believer in practice with what you carry. For me, its a fullsize 1911 in the cooler weather, and a G26 in the warmer weather. I shoot both of them regularly.

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    Sometimes it's more helpful to be a good witness. I forgot where I heard that at,but I'm a firm beleiver in it.

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    Sounds like the robbery was over to me. It was more offense than defense at that point. Good thing he is a lousy shot or he might have ended up in jail for murder. He should have known better, especially as an instructor. Not that I want robbers on the street, but going after them himself was nuts. Cleaning up after the crime has already been committed is where police excel. Take a plate number and make a call.

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    Absolutely no justification for him injecting himself into this situation.

    Clearly is the personification of the old axiom: "Those who can do, those who can't teach". Should would feel proud being a graduate of his school.
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