Is your SO well versed on all of your weapons?

Is your SO well versed on all of your weapons?

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Thread: Is your SO well versed on all of your weapons?

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    Is your SO well versed on all of your weapons?

    The three safety thing got me wondering, what if your SO had to use your weapon to save a life?

    This goes for men and women....

    Mine is with both my rifles and my handguns and I take her out regularly, even though she chooses not to carry, she can pick it up, manipulate the safeties ( if they are there) and go to work..... she also knows how to disassemble, clean and reassemble my rifles and handguns.

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    I've been re-married for a few years now and my wife came up to me one day in the house and asked the question.....

    "Can you show me how to work your guns should I need to use one when you are not here?"

    I proceeded to show her everything, handguns and rifles. This led to her wanting to get her concealed carry permit and having her own personal handgun, now she has both permit and LCP and the next one on her "list" is a Ruger LCR.

    Yes my "significant other" is well versed in the use firearms.
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    Last night I told my wife about the 3 safety story. She was willing to (finally) sit and watch me explain my 1911. She has promised to go to the range and shoot each of my firearms, but each time I offer, "it's not a good day." Last night was a breakthrough, especially since it was Valetine's Day. I just need to keep working on her to keep her promise to shoot them.

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    Yeah, my SO knows how to handle my guns.. and I know how to handle his...

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    ALL my guns....hardly. ALL the line guns...yes.
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    My wife knows all of my weapons. The first one I got, she adopted (Glock 21SF) as hers...which is what lead me to the P220 Carry. We are members of our favorite club/range and go often. If there's additional firearms that ever make it home (LOL @ "If"), she'll be equally familiar.
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    She has her own Walther and is competent with that pistol. Some of mine she might fumble with, but the chances of her having to use them are slim at best. Do need to get her to the range for some practice soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by azchevy View Post
    The three safety thing got me wondering, what if your SO had to use your weapon to save a life?
    No way. She hates my G19. She does just fine with her XD and Rem 870 though. But yeah, she can work any of them that are accessible.
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    Mine is, I quiz her ALOT. Much to her dismay. lol

    She has her own guns that she's very competent with as well.
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    We keep two quick-access pistol boxes close by with loaded handguns in them at the ready. Hers contains a 686+ I keep loaded with .38 +p Remington GS, and mine contains a P229 in .40 loaded with Gold Dot, round chambered and 12 in the mag. There is also a Ruger LCR in there as a backup (mainly because it fits just perfectly) and a backup 14-rd mag for the P229. All are ready to fire by doing nothing more than pulling them out of their boxes and pressing the trigger. I don't imagine my wife would be so good with reloading them (she refuses to ever go shooting with me, though she did listen and watch as I explained how each of the defensive handguns works), but she should be able to empty her revolver into a deserving intruder if necessary. I decided a revolver was the best choice for someone with virtually no shooting experience and no willingness to go and get any, though again, she deserves credit for being willing to have it explained and to dry-fire it a couple times to get used to the trigger, so I'm happy with what I can get on that.

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    Mine can run the Glock, but needs more work with the 870
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    She's learning.
    NRA Life Member

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    Is your SO well versed on all of your weapons?
    Yep. In fact, they are not my guns they are our guns. She has bought as many of the guns in our collection as I have. We are a team. We are each others back up.
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    Yes she is, she knows how to work our 1911's, and clear if a jam happens. She can work the shotty. She can work the .357revo. She doesn't know anything about the AR...but it's not there for primary defensive use. She can work the SKS though.

    Her main goto firearm is the fullsize 1911...she's really good with that weapon. Her father taught her at a young age how to run that she knows that 1911.

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    My wife thinks it is too confusing to learn different guns. She likes to stick with what she knows. She enjoys shooting different guns, the bigger and louder the better. But a Ruger or S&W revolver is her go to handgun and her little Coach Gun gets the nod for shotguns. She likes her ammo kept separate and marked with her name and the gun it goes in. She can shoot all of my guns, but she isn't proficient at operating them.
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