Help a point shooter out will ya?

Help a point shooter out will ya?

This is a discussion on Help a point shooter out will ya? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Hey guys (and gals), I am a point shooter. I can hit moving targets and distant targets and partially concealed targets fairly well. In IPSC ...

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Thread: Help a point shooter out will ya?

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    Help a point shooter out will ya?

    Hey guys (and gals),

    I am a point shooter. I can hit moving targets and distant targets and partially concealed targets fairly well. In IPSC I always do well. Problem is I am not a target shooter. Give me a half B-27 at 30 yards with me on the run and I have no problems. Give me a paper target on a stand at 25 yard and me standing still and I'm lucky to get one round per magazine on paper. I carry the same 1911 I compete with. What can I do to be better on paper? I wanna be able to get the "double alpha" on a regular target.
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    Try moving the target closer, say 7 yards, and concentrate on a hard focus on your front sight. Press the trigger and get another sight picture before you reset the trigger. TAKE YOUR TIME! When you are shooting nice one hole groups, move the target back to 15 yards and repeat. When you are shooting fist size groups move the target to 25 yards and try again. When you are happy with your results, start speeding things up again. This will probably take more than one range session, so be patient.

    Good luck!
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    I think a lot of people would gladly trade problems with you. Seems like far more can make small groups in a paper target while standing still, but can't hit a car-sized target reliably from 10 yards while moving.

    Similarly, when I'm shooting informal clay birds I do better starting with the gun dismounted... if I have the gun on my shoulder when I call for the bird I'm more apt to miss it.

    I think what's happening is that you're "over-thinking" sight alignment and trigger pull, and possibly even your stance. Having someone who is a good shot and who understands the components of accurate shooting watch you as you shoot will be revealing... or, find a pro trainer in your area and arrange for some private lessons.
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