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My Brother lives in Nevada, near Las Vegas. This past weekend, he went to Dick's, Bass Pro, and a couple other shops looking for a new Remington 870 shotgun. He found one for 329.95 at Dick's and made the purchase. He spoke to me yesterday, and told me what he bought, andi was happy for him. He then told me the Store CHARGED him 25.00 for the NICS check, which I think the daeler should absorb it. I live in Nh and work P/T atone of the largest Gun Shops on the East Coast (KTP.Com) and find this extra cost to be absurd, as we in the NE have no such extra cost passed on to the Customer.
Question is. Do you live in a State that passes the extra cost onto you when you make a purchase out of the DEALER'S Inventory? (this is not for incoming transfers from other dealer where you made a purchase from)

I think this is outragous to say the least
SFA - NICS Exemption Loss History

What you describe is not illegal but a deceptive practice on behalf of the big box store.

I sell a basic Remington 870 Express 12 ga with 18" barrel for $338.50. 26" and 28" barrels are $347.70. This includes Transfer. The NICS background check is only part of a transfer. Some states don't use NICS at all, rather their State Police act as POA for background checks. The ATF form 4473 and Bound Book record keeping for 20 years is the bulk of the chore for any FFL.

I sell guns at their advertised prices and that includes the transfer fees. Most honest dealers include transfer fees in their cost. Some dealers will also offer a card for 1 hour of free Indoor range time, a $15-17.00 value or some other added value like a free box of ammo.

What Dick's and other big box stores are doing is low balling the base price and deceptively making up the difference in transfer fees. $329.95 + $25 = $354.95. Plain and simple. Wise shoppers should consider All costs before they buy. Also buyers should not think $329.95, they should think $330.00 + fee (or no fee) + State tax where applicable.