Point Shooting experiment and range report

Point Shooting experiment and range report

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Thread: Point Shooting experiment and range report

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    Point Shooting experiment and range report

    I went to the range to put a hundred more rounds through my new 1911 (Loaded Champion). This is my second trip, put another hundred through it last week. Shooting Speer Lawman 230 grain. I also took my FNP 40, Speer Lawman 185 grain.

    First, the 1911 shoots fantastic, no jams and only two feed issues. These were both when I released the slide on a new mag, re-rack and good to go. No problems when shooting, I chalk this up to the tight tolerances of the gun and it being new. I was worried about recoil when I went 45, but I really do not think it is more than the 40 FNP. Muzzle flip is noticeably less. I shot 100 rounds from each, and the 1911 is more controllable, more accurate and I think easier to shoot than the FNP. Frankly, after side by side use, I will probably sell my FNPs (my wife and I own two). Subject for another post...

    I have wanted to try point shooting due to my eyesight (I wear distance contacts for daily wear, reading glasses when needed. with the contacts on and at a rn indoor range with its less than optimal lighting , my sights are blurry and dark. In daylight I am much better.). So after a few mags through the 1911 I gave it a whirl. First shot, within 1" of center at 20 feet, the entire magazine in the black. I was amazed at how much better I shot without trying to sight shoot. I then tried it with the FNP, nowhere near as accurate. It is clear that the 1911 has a "natural" point shooting ability, at least for me.

    I then tried shooting with my reading glasses (they are progressive bifocals for reading/computer work). Of course the target was quite blurry, but the sights were clear. On both guns my accuracy with sight shooting was better than in contacts only. Point shooting was worse.

    My conclusion is that the 1911 is the better gun for me for EDC, I may still keep one FNP for home defense as I have a TLR2 which with the light and laser is a good home defense rig, certainly for the wife.

    I am going to take the wife to the range and let her shoot the 1911, she may end up with one for her EDC, and her FNP with less than 200 rounds may go on the block.We will see.

    I would appreciate any comments/thoughts/suggestions.
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    I practice point shooting with a GSG1911. The .22 cal ammo is so much cheaper than .45 ACP, so I can practice with a 1911 style handgun without breaking the bank.

    I really suggest that you get a GSG1911. You can shoot thousands of rounds during practice instead of dozens or hundreds, while keeping your muscle memory for the .45 ACP 1911.

    My GSG1911 has more than 10,000 rounds downrange, and that is only 2 months worth of shooting (I stopped shooting it in Nov. due to time changes at my club. No more after work shooting until spring.). This has allowed me to work on skills like point shooting that I never could have afforded otherwise.

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    Very good, kap.
    Looks like an Operator is in your future. Know exactly what you mean.

    When I'm at the range messing around, reflex shooting, usually at falling steel plates, shooting quickly - I amaze myself how well I can get my little Colt Defender on target without hardly trying. Different story with the Glocks. If I don't concentrate on those sights, I'm lucky if I hit dirt...

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