Terrible Day At TheRrange... Or...So I Thought

Terrible Day At TheRrange... Or...So I Thought

This is a discussion on Terrible Day At TheRrange... Or...So I Thought within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; So I decied to take my Glock 30, Hk USP, Kahr Mk40 and my M&P15 for a nice day at the range. I start shooting ...

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Thread: Terrible Day At TheRrange... Or...So I Thought

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    Terrible Day At TheRrange... Or...So I Thought

    So I decied to take my Glock 30, Hk USP, Kahr Mk40 and my M&P15 for a nice day at the range. I start shooting my new PMC Bronze ammo in .45 though my Glock and Hk. The ammo functions fine, but on both guns, the slide keeps failing to lock back. What is going on? I keep shooting, keep shooting, and it never fails, each time, last shot is a dry fire. I started to get really frustrated, blaming the PMC for being weak. This is why I got rid of the weak UMC I normally shot. So, I shot through the ammo I carried there, Cor-Bon DPX 185gr +P. No way this is too weak. Slide still never locked back.

    My Kahr is working perfectly. No problems. I decide to shoot my Glock and Hk one handed. Each time, the slide locks perfectly. What the? It CAN'T be limp wristing if it works with one hand but not both.

    I then start shooting my AR. My Bushnell/Eotech sight starts flickering... Ughhh....I thought it was broke. I just replaced the batteries! Well, I had a spare set of batteries, and put them in. The sight worked fine. Took them out, tried the old ones again.... didn't work. Why did the batteries wear out so fast!!!! Gotta buy more spare batteries now.

    I came home a googled why slides may not lock back. I was thinking dirty mag, limp wristing... the first response on a random forum was "make sure you're not resting your thumb on the slide release". OHHHHHH, that makes sense! I recently, SLIGHTY changed my grip, and my thumb was ever so slightly resting on the release on both my Glock and Hk. I rush back to the range to try it... there we go.. simple fix, nothing is broken, everything works fine. I was just gripping the gun like an idiot.

    And that's my Saturday.

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    All's well that ends well

    That would be a frustrating problem, luckily it was an easy fix
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    Glad to hear all of the 'fixes' were solved.

    When I bought my Beretta Storm 9sc, the slide wouldn't CONSISTENLY lock back, it was a random occurance.

    Yup, duh, 'limp wristing.'
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    Being a revolver guy, the first time I shot my Glock 30 I dang near ripped my thumb off! Learned a fast lesson that pistols and revolvers aren't held the same. But the slide did lock back.
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    When I shoot my wife's XD, my thumb rides on the slide release too. Not a problem with my Glock. Guess it's just placement.
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