nfa trust

nfa trust

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    nfa trust

    Anyone know much about NFA Trust? I am looking at setting one up to buy a suppressor.
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    NFA Gun Trust Lawyer Blog :: Published by Florida Gun Trust Lawyer David Goldman

    I called, they indicated that the cost for the trust is about $600. They will set you up with a lawyer in your home state to complete the trust.

    This is where I'm going to start, once I can commit the dollars.
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    Trusts all depend on the state and local laws where you're located. Here in VA there's no requirement for a lawyer or a judge so I was able to get mine set up with Quicken Willmaker in under and hour. Two weeks later the BATFE signed off on it for my $200 tax should I say the trusts tax stamp... If you google around you'll find a good number of posts detailing the process in various states. I know at some point I detailed mine here, but I think it got blown away or something when the forum moved to a different type years ago. May still be hiding in google cache somewhere.

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    I have one (Living Trust). They have a significant number of benefits in addition to the NFA aspects.
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    Contact Sean Cody in Houston, he did mine.....936-402-5048

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    Definitely the way to go.

    No fingerprints, no CLEO sign off (after the first one) and you can list your whole family in it. That way they can take your playprettys and go shoot them and be perfectly legal.
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    Sean Cody has already been mentioned. Here's his site:
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    If you can find someone that wants an identical trust, attorneys will usually give a significant discount. The attorney that is doing mine charges $500 for one or $350 each for two.
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