Rail mounted lights

Rail mounted lights

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Thread: Rail mounted lights

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    Rail mounted lights

    Looking for suggestions for a rail mounted light for my Glock. Obviously I cant carry the light mounted to the gun while in holster but I am wanting to for night stand duty. I was thinking about maybe getting one with the intergrated laser as well. i looked at Glockmesiter.com and found they start at $85 for a light and with a laser they start at $182.

    I am not sure if those are good prices or not, if there are better places to look and if it is even worth the money to buy. I have a set of Meprolights on my list and MAY get them tomorrow, not sure yet on that.
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    You'll find two camps on WML. Those who think they are great, and others who fear it will create a target for BG's to shoot at, or that they'll be pointing their gun at something they don't want to shoot while using the light.
    A WML is not a replacement for a flashlight. Its not meant to go play Scooby Doo in the dark. Use your flashlight for that. Use the WML as intended and you will not be pointing you gun at the kids and the BG's won't be able to react fast enough to shoot at your light.
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    I use a Streamlight TRL-3. It's on the cheaper side of things but it works great. I also have a Surefire I use as well. As SIXTO says using a weapons to search a house with loved ones in it isn't the best idea in the world because you will likely be jumpy and could possibly end up tracking a family member while searching. I do believe a good light regardless of a weapons mounted or a hand held is very important when doing night operations. If you can't ID the threat, you can't stop it. As for those who who think a light will give a BG a target to shoot at. I think of it as 6 one way half a dozen the other, one if you don't use the light right it could give your position away. On the other hand a BGs eyes have adjusted to the night and a good shot of light to the eyes will likely give you that extra second to either get away or make that shot. I've talked to some of the best military operators in the world about using weapons lights and they all say to use them if you know how to.

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    I have a Surefire X200 on my G23, on the nightstand. Right next to it is a Surefire E1L. Sixto has it very right on this. Search w a handheld light up the BG w the WML.

    BTW look at Ebay and watch carefully for awhile you will find a good deal on one. Stick with Surefire, Streamlight or Insight.
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    I use a NC Star on my Taurus 24/7 120 Lumens . Don,t remember the price but it was around $120. Hand held I searched the net for other options besides the usual weapons light companies. Terralux is woth looking into. I picked up theirLightstar 220 model. About 6in long, slim maybe 1 in. Dia and 2 settings 240 and 100 lumens. What I like the best about this light is that it uses AA batteries. Don't have to pay alot for powering it.The light itself was under 100.

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    I just bought a SureFire 300 to use on my Glocks 19, 21, and 30.
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    Quote Originally Posted by justherenow View Post
    Obviously I cant carry the light mounted to the gun while in holster but I am wanting to for night stand duty.
    If you are wanting to carry your Glock with WML check out Blade Tech Blade Tech holsters, knives and tactical gear for military, law enforcement, shooting competition and hunting. they have them for sale.
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