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VIDEO - Shooting 1,000 Rounds Of 45ACP In 10 Minutes.

This is a discussion on VIDEO - Shooting 1,000 Rounds Of 45ACP In 10 Minutes. within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Todd Jerret, I'm envious. I would love to run a thousand rounds down range with a good running 1911 at no cost to me.... Obviously ...

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Thread: VIDEO - Shooting 1,000 Rounds Of 45ACP In 10 Minutes.

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    Todd Jerret, I'm envious. I would love to run a thousand rounds down range with a good running 1911 at no cost to me....

    Obviously a timed event of some kind..
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    Quote Originally Posted by C hawk Glock View Post
    He must be breaking in a Kimber!
    Did he even do enough to break one in? haha

    That video is the reason for the upcoming ammo shortage.

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    That was world champion competitive shooter Todd I guess he has earned the right to act a little bit goofy every once in a while.

    Quote Originally Posted by enk5 View Post
    The Shooters antics were quite annoying.
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    That was cool seeing a lot of ammo and money going down range. I am sure the ammo was on Para USA's dime, and it demonstrated the reliability of the full sized model, now I wonder why the Warthog model can't be just as reliable?
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    Kinda funny that he starts with a glove on his shooting hand with a cold gun and ditches it inside of 3 minutes and proceeds to cook his shooting hand.
    Would love to see an after action review of the teardown of the gun...
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    Yea, interesting, vaguely, but like others, I don't see the point in wasting that much ammo just for the sake of firing 1000 rounds. Seems kinda dumb IMHO. And that's not cheap ammo either. Its not like he's shooting 22.

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    I have several thousand rounds of 45acp laying around so I may try this some day................ with my Glock. I have a KKM Match grade bbl in my G21C and would like to see if it would hold up like that. Heck if anything breaks just buy the parts and repair it!! Heck, that's what they're made for!!! SHOOTING!!!!
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    You know his hands were sore the next day, but I bet it was worth it.
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    Would have been a good time to keep a couple of UPLULAs running on the magazine loading table. Can't imagine how hot the slide was...if he'd had to do clear the chamber.

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    I swing in the video section of the beginning and / jumping jacks / muzzle all over the place and he was a little nervous? ? For a moment I thought he had Parkinson's ...

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