A pair of .22s

A pair of .22s

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Thread: A pair of .22s

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    A pair of .22s

    So, a few questions about a new to me .22 that I just acquired. The rifle is a Winchester Model 250 made in the 60s and 70s apparently.

    I've always had my beloved Marlin 39A Golden Mountie, which came from the factory pre-drilled for a scope mount so I added one on. The rifle is more accurate than I am, and has sent many a squirrel to it's premature demise.

    Recently I went on gunbroker out of curiosity to see what one of these bad boys is selling for these days. I figured not much since .22s have always been on the low end of the scale value wise, it seems. Maybe a little bit more than a new one since 39As, especially old ones like mine are pretty highly regarded. What I found was really shocking...especially considering that gunbroker is usually showing the low end of the gun's value...and made me question whether or not I should be hauling it out in the woods risking the possibility of wear and dings which I've been lucky enough to avoid so far.

    So I decided to see about finding another .22 for my squirrel shoots. I wanted an old one because like a lot of things...they just don't make them like they used to. I wanted all wood and steel solid construction, and reliability. Then I came across a Model 250 from Winchester, from the 60s or 70s. The gun was in really bad shape visually, it had been sitting in a closet inside a leather bag for at least two decades. The previous owner said it didn't work. I got it for free.

    The good news is, inside the gun was flawless...the owner had literally dunked everything in motor oil before putting it away. Outside, and on the stainless parts it didn't fair so well. Lots of corrosion. No rust, just a lot of black corrosion was present. The wood was dull and looked shabby. I wish I had taken some before shots.

    I went to work on it, and ultimately came out with this (My scoped Marlin is on top, my 'new' Winchester on the bottom):

    The Winchester has a unique lever action that I haven't personally seen before.

    Well, as you can hopefully see...my efforts weren't in vain. Under all that corrosion, dirt, and neglect was an absolute gem. It's mint.

    As another plus...I will be extremely surprised if it doesn't work. It loads and extracts rounds perfectly and extremely smoothly. The trigger system works and I can feel the internal click. The internal firing system is intact, and so is the firing pin and firing pin spring. I haven't gotten to try it out yet, but I can't find anything mechanically wrong with it. Maybe all that motor oil inside of it was causing misfires, who knows.

    I was curious to know if anyone else either owns, has owned, or shot one of these. Reports from around the web are sparse, but those that I have seen are positive. I was curious to see your thoughts. I'm hoping to go try it out tomorrow, and if it works and is accurate maybe see about getting it a scope of it's own.

    Any thoughts are welcome! I think I came out pretty well for free.
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    Sweet pair of rifles, Though I'd like a pair of 44's ; )
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