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Home owners Insurance Problem

This is a discussion on Home owners Insurance Problem within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by Viper7 I had a burglary in February and lost ten pistols, a dozen extra mags, and some ammo with a combined value ...

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Thread: Home owners Insurance Problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viper7 View Post
    I had a burglary in February and lost ten pistols, a dozen extra mags, and some ammo with a combined value of well over $7500. My company has a limit of $3000 on guns and gun related items, so that's what I got. It wasn't just the guns - $2000 in cash was also taken, but their limit there was $300. I got a quote from ArmsCare Plus, the NRA carrier, for a $10000 policy for $104 annually. However. since I have a claim pending, I'm going to wait to see how that is handled before I buy the extra insurance from them.
    This should be a reminder to all ... know your policy limits and adjust as necessary. "Extra" coverage is cheap ... get it if the value of your stuff is worth more than the limits.
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Well speak of the devil!
    Another FL homeowner just got cancelled...effective Oct 2011...me.
    We'll see how this plays out.
    UPDATE: Made a few calls...got my homeowners insurance changed to another company and got a 13.3% decrease in the rate and an 11% increase in the value of the replacement cost.
    I'd say it's been a good day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cattus Vir View Post
    Farm Bureau gave me no real problems. The only thing I didn't like is a written and picture inventory but that was for everything in the house not just for the guns. Now that I think about it that was for the renters insurance we had while out home was being built. We did not have to do that for the new home owners policy.
    The written and picture inventory is for your own good. How else are you going to have proof of what you had if you have a fire,tornado or theft? My SF agent recomends keeping an inventory and keeping a copy somewhere else other than your own home. With firearms he recommends writing the serial # on a piece of paper large enough to be seen in a picture with the firearm. If you have proof of what you have then they can't weasel out of paying for it if you have a loss.

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    I hate All State Insurance!!! When I went to college in Texas, I first signed up with All State to be "in good hands", but after someone hit my Ford Explorer at the University parking lot while I was in class and they pretty much gave me the boot with regards to coverage for some lame excuse regulation, I switched to State Farm Insurance. In the end I am glad I did, since 10 months later my car was smashed while parked on a side street in Austin in the wee hours of the night. When I woke up to move my car (parking till 9:00 AM), I noticed that the rear end of my car was completely totaled. The agent at State Farm helped me coordinate with the Austin Police Department, they covered the cost of the tow truck to the local Ford dealer to have my car fully repaired, they gave me a rental car from Enterprise, they sued the Insurance Company of the other driver (the insurance company refused to pay) and in the end I paid $0.00 for everything and was treated like royalty. Great job by State Farm!
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    A number of years back my home was burglarized while I was out of town (I lived in New Orleans at the time) and among other things, several guns were stolen. I had State Farm at the time as both my home and auto carrier and had never filed a claim in the almost 20 years I'd had them. The company paid the insurance claim and I thought that was the end of it until my policy was up for renewal several months later. About two weeks before the policy was due to expire I received a letter from the company that my policy was being cancelled. I called my agent but was told the company had simply declined the option to renew. I tried several other insurance companies - Allstate, GEICO, Farmers and a few others - but none would pick me up. The reason they gave; my current policy had been cancelled by State Farm due to the claim, which had placed me in a high risk category. The finance company that held my mortgage said they would insure the house, but at almost double the rate I had been paying. It took another 4 years - and no claims - before another insurance company would insure me again. I have now had Allstate for 15+ years without any problems but believe me, they are ALL in cahoots and I say a pox on all of them!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Truckinfavis View Post
    I had Allstate for 11 years; I had a resent review of my policy. They came in to my home and saw my gun safes in the basement. The adjuster asked what I had in side them and I told him that they had guns in them. Two weeks later Allstate canceled my insurance. I called them up and they would not give me a reason as to why. I called the adjuster to see what was going on and he said off the record that Allstate has an antigun mentality. So I went to state farm, and I now have all my guns insured separately from the house. I also pay less than what I was for Allstate.
    Call the state department of insurance.

    Register a complaint.

    I'm sure the insurance commissioner (or whoever deals with insurance) would love to hear of an insurance cancellation without just cause.

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    Allstate has a reputation for canceling insurance for no reason. The father-in-law, 25 years auto accident free and got a cancellation notice. The reason was "statistics", he was due for an accident? Progressive Insurance is another one I despise. Doing some research, they contribute and support all the organizations I'm opposed to. Good points on documenting and taking pictures of your valuables. In the process of doing that the last few days. I definitely would not let the insurance company inspect the contents of my safe or tell them I have any guns. My home owners limit for personal items will exceed the value of what I have not counting my collection. I'll fully read my policy first and surmise what their attitude is for guns before I even inquire about insuring them. The Farm Bureau has met my needs nicely.

    P.S. Another thing I found out about most major insurance company's. If you call the insurance company and just inquire about a claim, say a broken windshield or whatever, and don't make the claim and don't get any compensation from it. It still counts against you as a claim and goes into theirstatisticscs" for possiblcancellationon in the future. Anyone familiar with that?
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    State Farm is no better than Allstate when it comes to guns IMO. Recently my GF had to go to a "mobile claims center" after a huge hail store tore up town. They had Gunbuster signs posted at the entrance. The funny thing is that they don't even own the parking lot they were using.

    I recently moved to Florida and opened car and renters insurance through Geico. I asked the Geico agent about my firearms in regards to insurance and he was a cool dude. We talked about guns for a few minutes and he have me some personal advice.

    I think we developed a bromance LOL.

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