What is the dumbest thing you have seen at the range/gunshop? - Page 6

What is the dumbest thing you have seen at the range/gunshop?

This is a discussion on What is the dumbest thing you have seen at the range/gunshop? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by JeffMorris I HOPE AND PRAY this is fake. It is not. This was taken at one of James Yeager's Tactical Response classes. ...

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Thread: What is the dumbest thing you have seen at the range/gunshop?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffMorris View Post
    I HOPE AND PRAY this is fake.
    It is not. This was taken at one of James Yeager's Tactical Response classes. It was not done for the sake of getting a good picture. It was done (maybe still is being done) as a training drill. There were several long and contentious threads on the subject, oh, about two years ago, I think? I am sure you could still find them via Google.

    If I am ever at a class where i am told to fire a weapon with a live person down range, I will demand a refund and pack up my things.
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    Once had someone test the CT grip on an LCP on my cheek at a gun store. I instinctively dropped for cover and shouted that he should never point a weapon at someone. He replied that it was not loaded & I should (stated in rather offensive language) chill out. I replied that there was no way I could know it was not loaded, I was not about to take his word for it & that he was very lucky since I KNOW that my 1911 definitely was loaded.
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    I have yet to have someone point a gun at me at a gun store or range, but I'd have some choice words for them for sure, if they didn't end up getting hurt.
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    Range week of the academy
    "six rounds load and holster"
    *inserts magazine, slide locks to rear

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    ...Your momma...


    Sorry. That has popped into my head every time I've checked this thread. And it's become habit- that's how I respond to almost everything my little sister says.
    "Rock and load, lock and roll... what's it matter? FIRE!!"

    "Gun control means hitting your target every time."

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    lake arrowhead

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    While at an outdoor range in Florida we were shooting for time at steel targets. The shooter was in the box the range officer stated shooter ready stand by when

    another member out of the blue walked right in fount of the shooter. I could not believe my eyes. How’s that for stupidity on the range

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    I was at an indoor range in California about 20 years ago and witnessed a guy using a single action .45LC. He was firing off a round and instead of just thumbing the hammer he was using his middle finger as a pivot and "spinning" the pistol to cock for the next round. I was watching and realized that it was not a "modern" single action but an older model most likely with out any modern safety enhancements. I went to complain to the guys at the counter and they replied that "He has more range time than you and is not doing anything wrong". I packed up my gear and was at the counter setlling up when the hammer on this guys pistol slipped off his thumb mid "spin". Luckily no one was hit.

    I never went back to that range again!
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    I haven't read all of the replies to this thread but recently walked out of The Outpost Armory which with a recent upgrade is built thematically with cement bunker designs at the doors. With nothing but a purchase of cleaning parts between my daily carry piece at driving access across my belt and a natural reaction, my ears pricked to hear a talk about how to align sights as a muzzle covered my path.
    Some newbie was showing off a gun to a wincing, more knowledgable, gun user.
    You don't have to count the times that you've been covered at the range or gun shop. But the option to aim at one of the bunkers.... No, I didn't say anything. Thanks for asking.
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    My first range trip, drove 50 miles to a private range that had a public access fee, it was cold out so there wasn't but a few of us around, and for a while I had half of the range to myself, then a father and son duo show up, son being at least 35 if not 45. They both had hipoints, dad had the 9mm carbine and son had the 9mm pistol; neither had hearing or eye protection. I had just put a fresh target up and was reloading mags, when they were ready to start shooting, so I kinda watched out of the corner of my eye, son goes to shoot his hand gun, click no bang, holds it out in his hand sweeps dad then proceeds to point it at himself and ask what's wrong, his dad seeing this tells him to turn the safety on and take a look at it, then they pointed it down range dropped the mag stripped the round put the mag back in and were off to the races for a little bit, with me eyeing them the whole time. They packed up about the same time I ran out of ammo, the son came over and made chit chat while dad was packing up the carbine, apparently they both tried the pistol and neither so much as hit the paper, but were happy that they'd hit the target with the carbine, at 15 yards. The son also bragged about forgetting the range's no rapid fire policy in a previous visit. To this day only time I'd ever seen hipoints in real life; and I never returned to that range again.

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    My First Fathers Day, My wife bought me a Sig P229 Elite in a 40 with the 357 sig drop in barrel with about 500 rounds each. The guy behind the counter asked if she had a sister. Any way I live about 15 minutes from the Arizona Border and that is where I usually shoot my AR's and blow stuff up with Tannerite. A Father and son pull up and ask me if I mind if they shoot in the other direction. I told them I dont mind if they dont mind the BOOM. Well about 15 minutes into shooting I felt 2 rounds hit the ground in front of me, about 2 feet away from me. I raised my new sig, my 556 was in the process of being reloaded. I shouted to the guy and his kid about 12 or 13 years old to drop their guns. I did this all while strafing right, I reamed the guy out at gun point for about 3 seconds, they threw their guns down the guy apologized repeatedly. I continued to ream him out for about a good 10 minutes. I told him that I could have been killed and what the hell was wrong with him. I told him to keep their hands on their heads packed all my gear and left in a cloud of dust. My wife said I could never go shooting on Fathers Day again. I been shooting every fathers day since...HAHA But seriously I will never shoot around people I do not know ever again. Since then I have been driving out even further away from anyone possible. 2 lbs of Tannerite sends a bowling pin a good 50 feet into the air Ill have to post a video next chance I get. I hope I never have to point my fire arm at anyone ever again. Yes I realize what I did was wrong by pointing my firearm at them. I regret it, I was an idiot the kid was just being stupid and the father just plain irresponsible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CowboyColby View Post
    Never been to a public range but sounds like they are more dangerous than Wal-Marts. Thats why I like owning open country for a range you can set up any type of scenario you like and not worry about people you don't know shooting you.
    Being an unfortunate city dweller (Denver) I'm screwed on that aspect unless I can find someone who has the property. Even the fairly close public outdoor BLM type ranges are spooky at best.

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    I was recently in Texas and a couple family members and I decided to take a trip down to one of the local ranges. Long story short we were shooting when an idiot decided he could not wait for the range to be called cold/safe and walked out to change are check his target. I guess there were about 20 lanes and all but three were being used. Not sure if he was stupid are brave but I know they escorted him out and barred him from returning.

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    This one really isn't dangrous, more on the sad side. When I first started shooting (around 17yrs old) I would go to the range with my dad. The indoor range we go to has a little veiwing room just off the shooting line inclosed in glass. So that day it was real busy and their were a lot of people on the range, so it was my dads turn to shoot so I was gonna go to the veiwing room to sit for a while. I unloaded and holsterd my H&R sportsmann 999 .22 and went in and sat down. As i was sitting their with the muzzle pointed at the ground, their was a guy about 2 seats down looking at the firearm. Then he leaned over and said "hey is that a Harrington and Richardson" and I said "NO it's an H&R." And then i just kind of turned away. I just recently put the pieces together (im now 21yrs old) I think about that alot and just laugh at myself. I gues it's just a lesson learned.

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    A shooter with a Taurus PT series 9mm fired a 50 round box of ammo at a shilouette target about 21 feet away and hit it exactly one and a half times. There was one hole in the elbow and a hit that just cut the bottom of the target paper. Why is this? Is it the same thing that keeps us from asking for directions, or asking where the glue is when we're in Home Depot? How can someone shoot that bad and not ask for help? I imagine there are enough resources on youtube or online or at the NRA site to help if one was too embarassed to ask in person. Will this person now be discouraged and never practice (or maybe never shoot) again? Will they think this is ok and then spray bullets around the landscape if they ever need that gun to save their life?

    I didn't see him shooting, only saw the target later, and while some people in the shop laughed, I felt kind of bad (unless he tries to rob me one day, then I'll feel better).

    I believe all gun owners have a responsibility to learn, get educated, and then share what we know with someone who doesn't know it.
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