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"Coolest" shot you ever made....

This is a discussion on "Coolest" shot you ever made.... within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by younggun Tippman 98 paintball gun... shot a crow off a telephone wire at 40 yards If you wanna talk paintball, I made ...

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Thread: "Coolest" shot you ever made....

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    Quote Originally Posted by younggun View Post
    Tippman 98 paintball gun... shot a crow off a telephone wire at 40 yards
    If you wanna talk paintball, I made a blind head shot over a wall, with my arms extended all the way up. She had lifted her mask up for a second, immediately after spraying 20 or so rounds at me while I was moving from cover to cover. It left a nice bruise about an inch below her right eye. I've never seen her take her mask off during a game since. Though she still tells all of her friends about the time I shot her.

    For real guns, I landed two shots on a moving porcupine from about 100 yards with my 22A pistol.

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    For me the coolest shot was the first time my dad took me shooting. I was probably about 12 and we were shooting a .22 revolver. We went down the the railroad tracks which at the time were in a pretty secluded location. Dad takes a couple of shots at about 30 feet. Asks me if I know how to aim, I say I do because of BB gun practice. He hands me the gun and asks what I'm going to shoot at. I say, see that can on the other side of the tracks? The other side of the tracks was about 35 yards away. Dad asks "where?" just as I'm pulling the trigger.

    I hit the can, it was an aerosol can of some sort. When I hit it, it jumped up about 12 feet in the air. Dad just looked at me, nodded and I never got another word of shooting advice from dad again.

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    Duck hunting with a buddy, Hit duck & duck hit my bud in the nads ; ) PS He still remebers from 25+ years ago
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    My wife cam in freaking one Saturday about a snake on top of our wooden privacy fence. I walk out and a black snake about 3 feet long was stretched out along the top edge of the fence waiting for a bird to land on the fenc mounted bird feeder. I tried to convince her to leave it alone because they eat mice, etc. and she was having none of it. I thought I might as well make a sporting affair of it so I went inside and got my old single action .22 revolver. I'mstanding just outside the back door about 40 feet away and she's in my ear yelling "don't hit the fence, don't hit my bird feeder, yada, yada, yada...". I take aim right behind his head and pull. The snake falls over behind the fence. We go out and around to see if I got it and I took the top half of his neck off and the head was hanging on by skin. I was stoked, yelling oh yeah, etc. and she was like, "what's the big deal, you hit what you were aiming at." She had no appreciation whatsoever for the shot. Oh, and I had not fired a gun in the previous 10 years before that point, but I used to shoot competitively at one time with that particular revolver. I am now back into the shooting sports!!!
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    Shot a groundhog at 800yds plus with a 220 Swift. It was pure luck. Had a fixed 16 power Leupold scope on it and the first shot I held about 5 feet over his head and saw the bullet hit about 20 feet in front. Raised the gun to where I could just barely see the hog in the bottom of the scope and got him. If I remember correct I had it sighted in one inch high at 200yds.
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    Drove a nail into a tree at about 20 to 30 feet with a 45 once along time ago. Later in my early navy days i would shoot idpa and bowling pin with a bunch of older guys at a gun club. One day after the official games where over we set up a little rifle pistol combo. Now this was long before i owned an ar 15 so i was shooting one of the other guys. The stage was set up so that one had to shoot a half dozen bowling pins while stationary with the ar, put it on safe and set it down, draw pistol and while moving shoot 4 bowling pins (did not have to knock them over) and then hit 2 idpa targets 2 rounds each and finally hit a 6 inch steel plate. Now believe it or not when you hit a bowling pin with an ar at least with that ammo, it doesnt do much besides wobble a bit. So the timer goes off i shoot the ar 15 with less than a second split times between shots and no misses. I safe it and set it down, draw pistol and start moving tactical glide style while firing. I hit all but one bowling pin with 1 shot shoot the idpa targets clean and make the steel plate jump back 6 inches with the last of the 10 rounds loaded. I dropped the mag out of the allready locked back XD9 and show the rso clear. It doesnt sound that remarkable but things just clicked. I ran the rifle and made 6 relatively easy shots but transitioning to the pistol it felt zen, felt just awsome.
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    When I was younger I hunted with a Win 94 in 30/30. Didn't everyone? I took a shot at a deer that was pretty steep uphill, about 75 yrds. After the shot she ran up the hill about 25 yrds. I had a bead on her but figured I missed and would let her walk. Well, she stuttered, turned downhill, and started running. At this point I was confident I had hit her. So I got a bead just in front of her and put her down at nearly 90 yrds in dead run going down hill. Did I mention it was in the woods too? Might be the best shot I ever made.

    After a lot of trying I finally managed a squirrel with a .22 Ruger Mark II at about 30 yards. I was pretty happy.

    Headshot a blackbird with a Crossman BB gun from about 40 yrds on a telephone pole when I was a kid.
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    When a pheasant got up, and a 6 time champion trap shooter was standing next to me...... out of respect he got first shots... and he shot 5 times and missed the bird every time. So I shot (bird further away now) and nailed the pheasant with 1 shot ..... and the bird literally dropped where he was. I was 16 yrs old at the time. He caught ribbing about that for the next 3 yrs.

    The first time , I shot a crow sitting about 1/2 mile away with my brother's rifle. He bet me I couldn't get close. It was "luck" , but I won the bet.

    When I was 18 yrs old and went to a trap shoot at a range one day, and went the whole day without missing one ...

    The "dumbest" thing..... probably when 2 of my cousins went hunting with my brother and I, and when some quail got up.... one of them zeroed in on a bird .... following the bird right as it headed over our heads. We saw him swinging with his gun and were hitting the ground. The idiot shot . I stopped right then, and would never go hunting with him again.

    I was a dead shot with a slingshot at anything within 25-30 yrds. Wish I still was.
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    Was target shooting bows with a buddy when I was a kid. At about 25 yards, my arrow missed the target entirely ... but then skewered a lizard on the fence 5 yards behind the target.

    Of course, I claimed that's where I was aiming!

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    I was walking up my grandparent's mile long driveway when I was a teenager with the double barrel 12 gauge shotgun pointed at the ground towards me. A groundhog ran out in front of me and by instinct I just pulled the trigger. It literally exploded in front of me. I had to go get a shovel to clean it up.

    The other was shooting a light bulb out of a tree with my uncle's .41 magnum Redhawk. A bunch of my relatives had a shooting day and we were all going to take turns until it was hit. I went first and hit it with the first shot. It was awesome.
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    1. 12 gauge slug gun, with open sights shot a deer @ 50 yards. He went down but got up on 3 legs. He had moved when I fired and the slug clipped his shoulder. Fired again and he dropped for good. While field dressing, I only found one entrance wound and one exit. When I skinned him I found the 2nd slug had lodged in his ribs next to the exit wound. I had placed the 2nd shot thru the hole from the 1st one.

    2. Won a bet on this one...22 pistol cut a cigarrette in half @ 80 yards. At 80 yards you can't even see the cigarrette. Solution was to place a heavy branch next to it where it pointed at the target. Then aimed at the end of the branch. One shot=$20 I often squirrel hunted with that old Star pistol.

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    This shot was 400 yards at a spray paint can with black powder and open sights with a Shiloh Sharps 45-110. One shot to kill it, and the guy I was shooting with caught it all on camera. They were pretty amazed, but I couldn't convince them it was just dumb luck. Still pretty cool though I guess.

    It was the furthest target.
    You can see the can in the picture laying at base of target. I couldn't see it in sights, was just guesstimating where it was.

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    Shot a sparrow of an electrical wire with a BB gun when I was a kid, but my coolest shots usually involved C4 and shaped charges!

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    After bragging that I could, I was told to put up or shut up, so I thought I could get close and make it look good anyway, I took a shot at a ground hog at about 325 yards across a field. With a model 94 Winchester in 30-30 and open sights, I took a good offhand stance and fired, the bullet took the standing hog right under the chin. The half dozen people watching were speechless and awed. By the time they looked at me I had my mouth closed and the suprise off my face, and a told you so look instead. Still Get comments on that shot every now and then.
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    I was at a customer's house. He had a hornets nest that he wanted me to take care of. As we were looking at the nest, I hear him shout "Look out!!!". I wheeled around and fired, knocking a hornet out of the air at fifteen feet with a B & G sprayer equipped with a pinstream tip and loaded with Dursban and DDVP. As the hornet dropped like a stone, I heard my customer's words of appreciation..."Damn, you're good."

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