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"Coolest" shot you ever made....

This is a discussion on "Coolest" shot you ever made.... within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Was at the in-law's last year and saw a huge spider in its web right at the garage door so I grabbed a blow gun ...

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Thread: "Coolest" shot you ever made....

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    Was at the in-law's last year and saw a huge spider in its web right at the garage door so I grabbed a blow gun he had in the garage and took aim. First time I had ever tried the blow gun out nailed it from about 10 yards. I was so excited yet no one else cared lol

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    Hit a golf ball dead center from 30+ yards at the outdoor range. Standing, with a 3" barreled 1911 (230gr. ball ammo) Won myself a lunch from a buddy that day with that shot, heheh...

    Also hit a tennis ball at 80 yards with a springfield TRP but the ball made it out alive...

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    At work (diesel shop), smart alack parts guy came into the work area and questioned my repair order. I corrected him, proved it, then he got uppity.

    I disconnected my impact wrench, grabbed my blow gun and a plastic cap plug that fit over the rubber tip, and told him that any other words out of his mouth other than "I'll get right on it" will result in negative consequences. At 45' away, "You think you can actually hit me with that"....I warned him. From the hip, squeezed the lever and popped him square in the groin.

    Every time after that whenever he set foot in the shop, I would grab the blow gun and he would run back to the door. Good thing he never found out that all my further attempts to hit anything, or get within a few feet met with epic failure. Those plastic plugs are just not aerodynamic at all.
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    thats funny I like that

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    My dad and I were sitting in the truck, 30 seconds passed official sun-up we see a 12 point buck in a cut corn field we hunt next to...I was 15 years old and dad jokingly said "If you think you can hit it...". Got out of the truck, loaded up, snuck behind a tree just off the gravel road...Dropped it at about 205yrds with my shotgun open sighted. He was laughing loud enough I could hear him in the truck with the windows up.

    Missed a doe at about 8 yards...While I was hunting on the ground once.

    Flying crow at 25 yards with the bb gun.

    buddy of mine dropped a deer at 100 yards after his slug bounced off the ground and hit it in the eye when he was 13 years old.

    shot 17 slugs at 13 deer last season from 20 yards to about 80 yards......didn't hit one. Hit a Keystone box 10 times in a row at 50 yards the next day on my first 10 shots.
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    Inspired by Top Shot, my buddies and I tried to split a bullet on the blade of an axe at 7 yards.

    Second shot was a success and was total luck.
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    Shooting upside down while laying on a table during a handgun course I took back in April. The instructor joked that I shot better that way then standing upright, lol.

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    100 yards (measured with a bow). We were shooting rifles and bows that day. Someone put an old bottle under the straw bale string. I let her fly and hit it. They said do it again and I did without any hesitation.

    With a BB gun, killed a woodcock with a Red Ryder BB gun as a kid by crawling through a swamp on my belly commando style. Took an hour or more and I was cold and wet and regretably it wasn't right but it was good and if you've ever shot a Red Ryder BB gun you'll get it.

    In the military I had a good day at annual qualifications. Put everything into a hole just a bit bigger than a quarter. Ranger officers just put one single circle around the single big hole. Never was that good with an M16 but that day it was just Zen and the entire team was in aw.

    Got two Canadian Geese with two shots. crawled on my back to the rim of a dam an a large pond and just waited. Heard them lift off and they came from behind and then over me. I was laying in wet grass about a foot tall on my back looking straight up at the sky and dropped them both within feet.

    The sad thing about this post is that all of those were a long time ago!

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    In the Army, I qualified as an Expert on the M-16. One time in Germany, my company went to the range to qualify. I was able to zero my rifle fairly easily on the short range, but there was one of the company mechanics that was throwing rounds all over his target He would fire a 3-round group and the one or two rounds that actually hit the target would be a foot apart. The mechanic kept blaming the rifle ("Friggin' barrel is warped!"), and the Range NCO was starting to get pissed. He called me over and handed me the mechanic's rifle and told me to fire a 3-round group. I got prone and fired the rounds. When we checked the target, the Range NCO was able to cover the 3-round group with a nickle. It was probable the tightest 3-round group I ever shot. Of course, the group was high and to the left, but it wasn't my rifle and wasn't zeroed. The mechanic glared at me as he took his rifle back; I don't think he ever qualified, or even zeroed the rifle, for that matter.
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    Not me

    But a friend shot a tree'd raccoon on a dairy farm at night. Dairy farms have a shoot anytime/anything clause.
    The place was infested with raccoons.
    Lined up the shot leaning against a pick up truck.
    Put a 22.250 right on the lower front chin from 200 yds and a good 35 ft. up.
    Tumbled end over end and hit the ground.
    It was cold and we drove over, the carcass was steaming.
    The upper part of the head was still intact, sans the eyes being sucked out.
    It was now 2x the length, as if someone had grabbed the upper jaw and lower jaw and just pulled it apart.

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    At the age of about 14, I shot a dime with a 22 Short at about 10 yards with iron sights. The dime stopped the slug, which was permanently embedded about half-way through the dime. A very cool keepsake from YMCA Summer Camp. Camp Crockett in the Wet Mountains. Subsequently lost.

    Shot the center out of a flashlight bulb with a re-curve bow at about 20-30 feet or so.
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    In the USA, basic training, Fort Dix New Jersey, early 1973. I repeatedly nailed an APC, ( armored personnel carrier), at 1200 meters. Beginners luck I suppose. I got the range and just walked them in. This was probably the equivalent of hitting "the barn door with a broadside". I was shooting the M-60 machine gun, NATO round. It was fun and I was young and impressionable. I found the range and went from there. The range instructor was encouraged, grabbed another box of ammo, and let me go again.

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    I was an MP in the Army in the last century. I don't remember how we came into it, but I was "invited" out on a Saturday to help shoot up a pick-up truck full of colored M-40 smoke grenades. We had 6 or 8 M-203's and about 400 grenades. That was cool. All the pretty colors! LOL

    My other cool shot was as a kid. We lived in the mountains. I had this favorite trout lure. Somehow I managed to cast it out about 35 feet and got it stuck in a tree. Yes, a tree. I finally broke the line tugging on it. Stupid bimbo. The branches were too small to climb out on. So I sat there an looked at my favorite lure hanging from the tree by the fishing line.

    Then I got a bright idea and got my brothers .22 rifle. I hit the line on the second shot! And my favorite lure dropped straight down and disappeared into the stream. Like duh. You'd think I would have thought about that little issue.

    Soooo... about a week later I was fishing at the same place and snagged my hook. I yanked on the rod and the hook pulled out of whatever it was hooked on, and went flying past my head - WITH MY LURE hooked on it!

    I STILL have that lure 40 years later! LOL

    And that's my cool shooting story. :)

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    Well, this isn't anywhere near as interesting as some of the ones I just read, but here goes.

    I'd gotten a bag of cheap plastic happy meal toys from a thrift store. I took them out and began shooting them with my 10/22. I think all the toys were worthy of destroying, but one in particular was special--an alien wearing a suit, with a giant purple head.

    I set it up and shot it, and it fell to the ground. So I shot it again. The big-headed alien went flying straight up in the air and I never saw any trace of it again. He must've gotten beamed up at the last moment.
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    Went quail hunting... pissed myself every time they got up... somehow still waisted a box of shells

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