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"Coolest" shot you ever made....

This is a discussion on "Coolest" shot you ever made.... within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I was shooting with a friend who had just purchased a new (used) revolver. He was having a hard time hitting the broadside of a ...

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Thread: "Coolest" shot you ever made....

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    I was shooting with a friend who had just purchased a new (used) revolver. He was having a hard time hitting the broadside of a barn with it, and when I shot it, I also had difficulty, but was able to keep them on target. He made the comment he could shoot better blindfolded than with that revolver. So, he held it up, closed his eyes, and hit the bullseye on the first attempt.

    Cool shot - but totally lucky. Even in a rest that particular revolver wouldn't provide a group anything more than the size of a dinner plate at 7 yards. It was promptly traded in for a new (used) Ruger Vaquero which he still has.
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    Well my uncoolest shot I ever made was the Christmas vacation I was ten I was shooting my new Ben Pearson 20# bow at a hay bale in front of dads single story barn (no hayloft). Well my dad had queitly walked up behind me as I nocked up a now feather less arrow and turning the bow crosswise robin hood style I let the arrow fly.

    The Kansas wind lifted the shot too high arrow and it sailed over the barn![
    My dads voice caught me by surprize as it boomed "by god you've done it son"! You have missed the broad side of a barn"! "Never thought It could be done, but you proved me wrong!"

    Never lived that one down. But then again I have never missed the broad side of barn again.

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    My "coolest" shot was not with a gun, but with a bow and arrow.

    I had just gotten off shift and it was a lovely spring day. I decided to try out the new archery range at the Wyandotte County Lake.

    I didn't have a fancy compound, but a nice little re curve I got when I was a teen. 45 pound pull.

    Each time I shot...it went to the left, because the string kept hitting my arm. Note: One of the firefighters told me later that needed a special arm guard because of the difference between a man and woman's physical structure of the arm.

    I got tired of not hitting where I was aiming and the arm was beginning to hurt. I was retrieving my arrows and the last one was really off and in the grass. I picked it up and there was a Water Moccasin Snake shot right in the middle and impaled real good...and appeared angry (go figure).

    Not wanting to get too close, but not wanting to lose my arrow I whipped the arrow back and then forward sending the snake on a ride, through the air and into the woods. Then I RAN....not knowing how strong the feeling of "revenge" the snake might have...Jumped in my car and drove away.

    Like I said....the tip on the arm guard was right. I went many times after, but not to THAT range. How long is a snake's memory???

    The End.
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    Best "shot" for me was last yr at my qualification round. After the first 10-12 rds the center of the target was one big hole.

    One of my co-workers said " Ya know it only counts as one hole"

    I just smiled and said " NOW you tell me."

    Best part of the day was beating the boss and his competition pistol with my stock G21.
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    The UNCOOLEST shot I ever made was at the city dump back in the sixties. Was using a remington Nylon 66 to shoot rats. A rat was about fifty yards away perched on a farm tractor tire. I missed....a bit low....and the bullet hit the tire and flew back to me hitting me on the thigh.
    Dang that was painful!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adkjoe View Post
    Great stories!

    My bathroom window faces my backyard and woods. I keep a .22-.250 in the bathroom "just in case"

    A couple years ago I was doin' my business in the bathroom I look out the window and theirs a groundhog digging in the backyard about 40 yards away. I stand up grab the rifle (pant's around my ankles), chamber a round, and shot him right in the butt. The round went through his behind and out the back of his head.
    OK, after that I've got to tell my story.

    Using the facilities just after daybreak, I see a deer 44 yards away (I measured it later). It was crossways to me just like those models they use for bow practice. Since we had a kill permit due to crop damage, I grabbed the 20ga, placed the barrel on the windowsill (mobile home crank-out window), held my breath, and squeezed the trigger nice 'n sloooow. Took the deer right in the armpit - first deer I had ever shot. I was pretty pleased with myself: those bead sights on an 870 aren't quite like a scope.

    The only real problem was that my wife had been fast asleep on the other side of a thin wall. She, um, woke up kinda quick...
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    I was working at a bait shop on sanibel an had a customer outside showing him how to use a baitcaster. about 25 yards away was a light pole with a lizard on it, Yep hit it on first cast with rubber plug I sold the reel & rod.

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