FBI Flyers

FBI Flyers

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    FBI Flyers

    Just saw this on NRA's website.


    Interesting but frightful. Who's watching the watchers?

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    That shows what a complete and total lack of common sense they have. Maybe if they narrowed that list down to "practicing kidnapping techniques" and "referring to jihad training materials", then it "could" be more logical.

    Personally, I don't think they will get too many phone calls from gun stores and ranges.
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    Well, I think most people here have done at least one of those. lol. I know the owner of my LGS would just laugh about this.

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    Okay who called them on me,.Almost every red flag on there would actually involve an innocent person,buying a gun you have no knowledge of,most first time gun purchasers have little or no knowledge of firearms,asking about concealable firearms,same thing newbie got a Concealed carry license,I practice hostage scenarios with either a hostage target or 2 B27's with the front one folded in half for head shots,Jihad manual....I don't know anybody who has one,or I hope I don't
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    My guess is that the FBI is trying to say that there currently is an increased threat of Muslim terrorist activity in the country, without actually singling out Muslims. It probably can't hurt to be on the lookout, since we just killed bin Laden.

    As to 'practicing kidnapping', I think they mean doing the kidnapping, not defending against it.

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    I want a "jihad manual". All the better to be prepared with. "Know your enemy" I try to learn everything I can about everyone I can.
    "Gun control should mean hitting your target every time."

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    Report your neighbor?
    I'm minding my own business...
    If 20 suspicious Arab Muslims buy the house next door, I may become a bit interested.
    I do not watch other gun buyers in gun shops, except to watch for safety issues that could effect me.
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    According to their suggestions, I could wear a turban and purchase an AK with a credit card and not trigger any of their suspicious activity alerts.

    But if I were to dress typical for the local, purchase a PM9, with an IWB holster and pay with cash, I would trigger THREE of their alerts.

    Brilliant. Just Brilliant.
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    Paying in cash, are you kidding me. Who comes up with this crap.
    Don"t let stupid be your skill set....

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    Federal Bureau of Idiots..........
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    This is where profiling along with a good dose of common sense could go a long way - political correctness be forgotten.
    "Historical examination of the right to bear arms, from English antecedents to the drafting of the Second Amendment, bears proof that the right to bear arms has consistently been, and should still be, construed as an individual right." -- U.S. District Judge Sam Cummings, Re: U.S. vs Emerson (1999)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArkhmAsylm View Post
    This is where profiling along with a good dose of common sense could go a long way - political correctness be forgotten.
    "On the other hand, the flyers also list a number of things that are not inherently suspicious at all, such as paying in cash rather than with a credit card, traveling a significant distance to visit a range, possessing little knowledge about a product purchased, being interested in the use of concealed weapons, and buying bulk quantities of "weatherproofed ammunition.""

    It appears that they are, indeed profiling, but for all the wrong reasons.

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    As we live in an era of profound sensitivity for people’s feelings, the flyers discourage dealers and ranges from jumping to conclusions when someone doesn’t fit the mold of their average customers.
    Aren't we still avoiding a "rush to judgment" on Mjr. Hassan?

    I just wrote and then erased my opinion of the political correctness evident here.
    This one line tells the whole story. Let's leave it at that.

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