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This is a discussion on Need to pick yalls brains within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; You only paid 100 dollars for a sigma? Where did you come across that deal? Sent from my ADR6400L using Tapatalk...

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Thread: Need to pick yalls brains

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    You only paid 100 dollars for a sigma? Where did you come across that deal?

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    Your friend is asking you to cover for his lie. Just do the sale for real, and he can buy it back afterward.

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    If it is his lawyer that wants to see the bill of sale, I would advise him to get a new lawyer. There is no bill of sale required between individuals for a firearm, and if they are getting that picky in the divorce over the cost of one handgun, something is definately not right.

    If you do want to help the guy out and not tell the lawyer to well you know, then write up a quick bill of sale without a price, exchange a buck and when it is all said and done sell it back to the guy.
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    Well I decided to just give my helper his gun back to him. I told him I didn't feel I could help any longer on holding the gun for him. He was not to happy about that. Oh well!

    Thanks guys for all the advise.


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    Stay out of other peoples business. This is between a man and wife, so leave it there.
    It's hard to believe he is still your friend if you sold him a sigma.
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    From recent experence... DO NOT buy or sell a gun to or from anyone in the middle of a divorce Regardless of how well you know them. I damn near got my things in a vice about 3 months ago with someone I had known for 20 years. I had EVERTHING legit. Paperwork, photocopies of license, money, serial numbers and a host of paperwork in addition to copies of KY CCDW licenses. My brain kept saying DO NOT GET INVOLVED. Subsiquently one of the parties ended up ending their life. Fortunately not with a (the) firearm but had a firearm been in the equasion, I suspect I would have needed leagle assistance.

    YMMV but B careful. Very careful..

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    Is this taking place in TX? Does this state require a "bill of sale" for a one-on-one personal firearm sale? If so, don't get involved with any false paperwork--under any circumstances. If not, tell the lawyer he's out of luck--legally.

    Then tell your "friend" thanks for involving you in his mess and give him the gun back. A real friend wouldn't have done that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marc 5 View Post
    I've got a Helper I sold a handgun to a few months ago. Now he is going though a divorce and so he asked if I would hang on to the gun. He didn't want any trouble from his wife’s lawyer. And he would get it back after the divorce was over.

    Well today he called and said that he told his lawyer that he sold the gun to me. Now the lawyer wants to see a copy of the bill of sale. So my helper asked me to make a bill of sale for him.

    I don’t feel right about this. What do yall think about it???????

    What's shady about giving the guy a bill of sale.... The OP clearly states that he sold the gun to the friend. If he (the friend) now requires a bill of sale for it, then give it to him and date it for when the transaction originally took place. How can that be either Illegal or dishonest in any way. If the date is correct and the dollar amount is correct, perfectly legit IMO.

    Now if the friend is asking you to produce a bill of sale for the gun that he fictitiously sold to you, I'd say noway pal, and please don't get me mixed up in that stuff. I am bound my ethics and me being a man of my word I can't help ya with that.

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    Just write your friend a bill of sale and call it good.

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