QKShooter Home Builds A 1911 Pistol

QKShooter Home Builds A 1911 Pistol

This is a discussion on QKShooter Home Builds A 1911 Pistol within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Hi Folks As I mentioned in a previous post I am in the process of putting together a 1911 pattern pistol on an older (fairly ...

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Thread: QKShooter Home Builds A 1911 Pistol

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    QKShooter Home Builds A 1911 Pistol

    Hi Folks
    As I mentioned in a previous post I am in the process of putting together a 1911 pattern pistol on an older (fairly beat up) Series 70 Colt pistol frame.
    As is typical with me and my schedule I am only able to work on it in bits and pieces.
    I've already done some preparation work on the frame - (pictures of the frame to follow)

    My first step in the project was to "gut" the frame AKA yank off the original plunger tube and remove the factory installed ejector.
    Next...I needed a nice slide & barrel to fit.
    The slide would already need to have the Front & Rear since that is beyond the capabilities of the equipment that I have at home.

    In my particular case...I was searching on Ebay for a nice suitable slide and indeed I found a seller that was selling very nice looking slides.

    I won THAT slide for a winning bid of 80 or 90 dollars.

    BUT, that was not the exact slide that I wanted for this 1911 project.
    I'll save that one for a future build.

    Anyway...I contacted XXXX through Ebay & got his phone number and asked him if he could "make up" a custom Complete Top End for me in Stainless Steel for my intended "build" project...whereupon he told me YES!

    XXXXX has a company that machines pistol slides to specs for various gun makers & custom gun builders.

    His slides are precision machined from billets.
    In addition he also fabricates/manufactures a line of frames & High Quality small parts.

    The machine work of this slide is beautiful and quite precision.

    I originally ordered my Top End with a fixed Novak rear but, I gave XXX some legroom & leeway to be innovative with my Top End.

    XXX sent me my Top End with an amazing Adjustable Rear that is Compact & Solid as a rock. The adjustments are great.
    I absolutely love this rear sight & included was a fantastic mated target front.

    What a remarkable Sight Picture. Just great!
    A great combination for this Sure To Be SUPER ACCURATE tack driving top end.

    My package arrived and I received my Stainless Slide with a lowered & relieved ejection port.
    Nice front & rear slide serrations - Fit Sights - A fit Stainless barrel, link, & bushing that is EQUAL (in every respect) to any highest quality aftermarket barrel being sold on the market today.

    Also included was a very high quality 2 piece guide rod which I am not using since I hate guide rods & a firing pin & firing pin stop.
    The barrel is mated to the bushing & the barrel and bushing are mated to the slide.
    All of the machining is impeccably accomplished.
    The breech face is SMOOTH as is the disconnector run.
    The locking lugs are flawless.

    I needed to lap the slide to the frame a tiny bit with some ultra-fine 1,000 grit Clover lapping compound.
    The entire top end now locks up solid like a single piece of metal when installed on the frame.
    The slide runs as smooth as greased butter on the frame rails.

    Obviously, I am very pleased with this set~up and I am going to end up with a fantastic completed pistol for hundreds & hundreds of dollars LESS than if I went and just bought a full blown custom from one of the custom gun smiths.

    Forum members can feel free to contact XXX if they are serious about buying a slide or barrel.

    My same custom top end (below) would be priced right around $350 to $370.

    Here Is My Beautiful XXXXXXX Slide

    More pictures (whenever) later as my project continues.

    Obviously you will notice that the info (ABOVE) has been edited by me.
    While I remain incredibly happy with my amazing ultra~high slide - The person that sold it to me - while he SURE DID GOOD to me - Has Not proven to be reliable concerning getting back to other folks.

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    QK, it looks good. The sight is especially interesting. I'm looking forward to the completed project.

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    Very nice QKS!
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    That slide looks A1 plus QK - there is no beating high quality.

    Great project is this - I am following with much interest.
    Chris - P95
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    Looking good so far! Is that rear sight considered a match sight?

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    The Rear Sight

    The rear sight is nice and compact & solid!

    I may have misunderstood Ron but, I don't think it's on the market yet.

    Here are some more slide pics w/ super close ups of sights.

    I'll link to them instead of posting them here since they are big pics.



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    very nice, thanks for the contact info...
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    I think that is going to be a beautiful gun.
    I'm envious - someday I'd like to pursue building my own handgun.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

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    Thats a excellent top end as i told ya before i cant wait to see whole gun

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    I have never cared for the "flat top" 1911s, but I like the looks of this top-end and the rear sight is one of the best looking adjustables I've seen.

    Very sharp QK!
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    I like it!

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    Looking great bud , how about some pics of the "unusual Chevron pattern slide serrations. " you mentioned on the other slide tho , you piqued my curiosity lol .
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    nice, looks great. let us know how it runs. The slide w/ cheveron serrations does sound really cool ,too.
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    The Chevron Serrated Slide

    OK I bought this one from him on Ebay.
    I got it for a high bid of 80 or 90 bucks. One or the other.

    It's NOT Stainless & is carbon steel "in the white" AKA No Finish - Bare Steel. It has a conventional round top.

    The serrations are cut really well I just noticed that I left some dust & junque in the serrations they are not defects...just dust.

    No rear sight cut at all & a dovetail cut for the front.

    It's fully machined except for the rear sight cut which is nonexistent. The machine work is fantastic. It's a very nicely done slide.
    I might do a "melt" job on it for a carry gun...like I really NEED another carry Colt. and just have a fixed rear cut in.

    Its a pretty slide. Kinda military "earn yer stripes" looking.

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    Thats a pretty cool looking slide

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