New Shooter, Looking for input

New Shooter, Looking for input

This is a discussion on New Shooter, Looking for input within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Hi, At 36 years of age, I just fired a gun for the first time a few weeks ago. Much to my surprise, I just ...

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Thread: New Shooter, Looking for input

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    New Shooter, Looking for input


    At 36 years of age, I just fired a gun for the first time a few weeks ago. Much to my surprise, I just absolutely LOVED it. I've got a number of friends that shoot and since have gone to 5 different ranges and fired a plethora of different guns from .17 to .50. I've taken a basic safety class at a local store (Bill Jackson's) and am taking a lengthy concealed carry class at another range (Wyoming Antelope Club) on the 23rd. I've got two kids (10yo boy, 13yo girl) who are taking the NRA marksman classes at the Antelope club (and they've earned several cool patches already!).

    So, I'm trying to decide what type of weapon to purchase for my first handgun and I've got a budget of roughly $500. Already ordered a safe (gunvault GV2000C - DLX). I've been thinking 9mm primarily because the bigger sized ammo seems to cost quite a bit more. I have been looking at the Glock 17, and the Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm or MAYBE the Glock 34.

    So, I'm primarily looking to go fire it at the range (often, hopefully!). I don't think I'll be carrying on a regular basis until I'm much more comfortable with guns, and my ability to use them safely. I'm also not sure how realistic home defense will be for me, since due to the kids I'll have to have things locked up in the safe. Hopefully my alarm system, 3 cop neighbors and the police station 1000 feet from my house will be a sufficient deterrent.

    So here's the question(s).

    1. Other than a matter of simple personal preference, do one of those two weapons have any major benefits or drawbacks vs the other?

    2. Are there any other brands/models I should be considering? The guys in the gun shop keep trying to steer me to HK; is there anything other than personal preference that makes HK superior? I'm kind of thinking they just want to sell a more expensive gun...

    3. If I were to go with the longer glock 34, does that eliminate any reasonable possibility of carrying it later, or using it for home defense?

    4. I've seen "conversion kits" for the glock guns that would basically allow me to swap the slide/barrel on a glock with one that fires .22 so the kids could use it (My son loves firing the ruger mkIII at the range). Any opinions on these kits, are they a safety concern or are they O.K.?
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    from Central Florida!

    I believe that the Glock-19 (3 gen) could be your answer.
    Pick one up and see if it starts calling your name.

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    Glock is a great option. I love my 19 (gen 4) Springfield XD and Smith And Wesson M&P would also be good choices and slightly less expensive.

    To answer your specific questions.
    1. Yes and No. They are both service size 9mm's. They have totally different ergos and triggers. That doesn't make one better then the other, it's just a matter of feel.

    2. I like H&K but I think they are over priced. I don't think they bring anything to the table that Glock, Sig or M&P does.

    3. Andy gun can be carried, it's a matter of what wardrobe concessions your willing to make. That being said there's no way I would consider carrying a G34. As far as home defense goes size really doesn't make much of a difference.

    4. I haven't tried them but I would like to get one for my Glock 19.

    I would highly recommend the Glock 19. It's large enough to be a good range gun but small enough that if you decide you want to carry in the future it will be a good option.
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    They are all good weapons, I would suggest shooting them all and finding which one you are most comfortable with. I prefer the m&p, but you will have to live with this choice, so shoot them all.....
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    Welcome from Central Texas!!!!!!

    Buy the Glock!!
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    G17 is a GREAT first handgun to do the range with and have for personal defense around the home. Later when and if you decide to carry you can look into the G19 and have one for range and one to carry.

    As to the conversion kits to go to 22LR, their a super way to get trigger time and work on your basic mechanics of shooting. Cheap way to go and stick with the LE version of the conversion kit so your sights and all are similar.

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    Welcome from Tampa! What you're asking, is kind of like asking us if you should marry a blonde, brunette or a redhead. You need to go to a range that rents guns and shoot any that you are seriously considering. There are too many variables, weight, balance, comfort in your hand, pointability all enter into this decision. All that you mention are QUALITY weapons, and a 9mm is a good choice. S&W, Glock, Springfield, Sig, all will fit your price range. It just boils down to what feels best in your hand. Just my "friendly" $.02 neighbor.
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    Bought my daughter a S&W MP9 compact,she loves the gun and it conceals well,there are many good offerings in 9mm defense ammunition,and like you noticed 9mm is a lot cheaper in the stores than 40,45,and 38/357 magnum.Having a gun that will also shoot 22lr is nice because you use the same grip and trigger for both platforms.
    It's great that your kids are involved in shooting sports,and someday you may be able to trust them enough to know that if needed they will be able to access the firearm,we had an incident several months ago where an 11 year old boy saved his family using a 22 rifle.Just because you live within a couple blocks of a PD and have 3 cops as neighbours means absolutely squat in a criminals mind,most criminals aren't that bright and are opportunists and if they see an opportunity will act.
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    Welcome from Virginia.

    Any of the guns you mentioned will work for you. You might also want to take a look at the CZ 75 P-01. CZ also makes a .22 conversion kit for their guns.

    As to the local gun store pushing the HK, they probably have a large profit margin on them, so they would prefer to move them over other guns.
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    plethora well, one thumb up just for using the secret word in casual conversation.

    bad vibes though for the glock....

    seriously, a BHP browning high power is a have forever gun. and buying a Argentina/Portugal model will cost more the longer you wait.
    some dislike the mag-interlock; i rather like it when there are children around. pull the mag and the gun is dead weight ( unless you have a budding mechanical engineer in the house). but anyways....also good that you intimate a training period b4 carrying. shows better than average sense.

    so a BHP and thats your budget.
    or a SIg trailside and a red dot....breaks the bank but 22LR is more fun longer than 9mm
    and fun for the family. my sig is bullseye accurate so you can grow into it rather than buying middle of the road now and losing $ along the way trading upas you get better.
    a S&W 34-1 for $250 ( if you can find it) and a CZ 452 22lr for about the same great rifle for the family. outshouts guns costing 3x as much.
    good luck & welcome
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    The 17 is nice but the 19 is the best of all worlds. You wont be disappointed.
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    Welcome from the Treasure Coast. Teach the kids early and teach themm well!

    I'll endorse the 9mm in as far as ammo is more reasonable than the .45s I shoot. But, seeing as I relaod my .45s for the same price as 9mm, it's a moot point for me.

    Glocks are relatively inexpensive in the broad sense of firearm cost, ultra reliable, and simple to maintain. Asking what the best handgun is is akin to asking what the best auto is--it depends on what you like.

    While the G17 is a fine range and duty weapon, it's not the most concealable by any means, Yes, someone will post that they carry one, there are other Glocks more suitable for concealment. The G19 is a very good middle ground for capacity and concealment. It works well on the range, and for home duty (or range) you can stuff a G17 mag in it for higher capacity.

    Simple suggestion is to try several different makes and models in the price range you can afford. Something will rise to teh top!
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    Welcome and I vote Glock 19, awesome gun and a great 1st gun
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    Another vote for the G19.
    Then start saving for the Advantage Arms 22LR conversion kit!

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    It just boils down to what feels best in your hand
    and or which one you can shoot better.

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