The Springfield M1A (M14 Semi Auot Only)

The Springfield M1A (M14 Semi Auot Only)

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Thread: The Springfield M1A (M14 Semi Auot Only)

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    The Springfield M1A (M14 Semi Auot Only)

    Good day to all,

    Does anyone own a M1A from Springfield Armory? I've been looking at one for a while now but the prices at my local gun shop has put me off a bit. I know you get what you pay for in a firearm, but an in store price difference of nearly $700.00 between the "G.I." Standard Configuration and the National Match variety really has me wondering what the extra $700.00 buys me. My intent after ownership is to just enjoy shooting it. I've read and heard that the Standard Configuration is quite accurate. Is the National Match so much better? I guess my questions to owners boil down to "Are you happy with what you bought?" and "How much more accuracy are you buying for the $700.00 extra?"

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    My dad has the standard and it's a BLAST to shoot. Not as abusive as his Garand but still a very satisfying boom. I havent shot the match version but I can tell you his standard version is a tack driver. Personally, I couldn't ask for more accuracy out of a rifle.
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    There are a few folks who do. Tried a thread a few years back but it never took off to the extent that AR 15 threads do. No matter. I have both and would keep the M1A over the AR 15. I love the .30 calibers.
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    I feel that the standard M1A is quite accurate too. Sub-two-inch 5-shot groups from the bench rest at 100 yards are easy with my ol' M1A and it occasionally strays under 1 1/2 inches. I saved a 1 1/4-inch 100 yard 5-shot group that was shot some years ago.

    I'm grateful to have avoided paying the premiums charged for the upgrade versions. If a person later wanted to trick out his M1A he could do it cheaper and better by learning exactly what is required and what he desires. If you intend to seriously pursue match shooting with the M1A then go for it with the National Match variation. You'll still want to do some more tweaking, some of which can be pricey, even if you get the National Match gun if you want the last ounce of accuracy out of the rifle.

    The M1A is fun to use in high-power competition. It's out of style these days as all and sundry are on the AR 15 bandwagon. Doesn't mean the AR 15 is superior. I'm old fashioned but don't consider the weenie .223/5.56 to be a true high-power cartridge. Doesn't matter what I think; they allow it in competition and that's that.

    Mine mostly sees use these days for handloading/bench rest fun with the .308 and for impromptu long range plinking sessions down a canyon, from 300 yards to infinity. It is much more gratifying than the AR 15 for such shooting.
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    If you have no intentions on shooting a National Match, then don't buy that gun. The standard model will suit the casual target shooter just fine.
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    The rifle system as a whole is a great platform. Its still in the US armory for a reason. The Standard will do you fine.
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