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How many have lied about performance?

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Thread: How many have lied about performance?

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    Only failure my G30 has was a stovepipe. Weak ammo? Maybe. Thousands of rounds and that was the only problem. I had a failure for the slide to lock back on my HK. Turns out I had my thumb resting on the slide release :) My Kel-Tec had 3 FTF's in 400-500 rounds. Not bad, really. My 1911 was a jam-o-matic, Until I bought Wilson Combat mags. Always jammed up on the second to last round. I had a Kahr MK40. It was flawless as long as I had it. I bought it used and got rid of it because it didn't fit my need for carrying. Too heavy for pocket carry, too small for IWB, it just didn't work for me. I had it specifically for carry. It shot great and I liked it, but just didn't do it's job well as far as carry goes, so I got rid of it.

    None of my rifles have ever malfunctioned in MY hands (except maybe once? I forget. More about that at the end). Although, my WASR firing pin did break once. Is that a malfunction? I'm not sure I'd consider it a malfunction more so than just breaking. But it was cheap and easy to replace and now it's back in action. The WASR has jammed up once on a friend of mine when using the charging handle, but thats it as far as malfunction. Same thing happened to the SAME friend of mine with my AR, but the mag was not seated. The one time I remember my AR malfunctioning while firing was when my bro-in-law was shooting it. I asked "what happened there?" he said the mag wasn't seated. I'm not 100% sure about that one, but I've never had a serious issue that I recall. I want to say I had a FTF with my AR once before, but I can't remember what happened in detail (I forget!), I just kind blew it off and forgot about it. But my AR has been pretty good.

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    You've got a good point Deadguy, my carry Kimber had a few failures until I got it broke in and I had to put 500 round through it before I was willing to carry it as my primary weapon. I do have a Sig Pro .40 S&W that I use to carry that never had a FTF of any kind. It is my house gun because I enjoy carrying my Kimber. The only other gun I didn't have any failures on wal my IMI Baby Eagle in .40 S&W. I do have to admit that non of my handguns have had 20,000 rounds through them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deadguy View Post
    We all read how so and so gun performed perfectly right out of the box at the first range session. Then we read that 10,000 rounds later it is still malfunction free. How much of it is true? Dont we all want our fellow forum members to think we have the perfect gun and it could could do no wrong?
    I know I don't, I have had some that functioned perfectly and still do , one that malfunctioned on every shot, one that worked perfectly until about 300 rounds and then went to crap, etc. The majority of my guns have functioned fine from the start and continue to .

    I don't understand the 'assumption" here, to me it would be 'weird' for someone to make it sound better or worse than it was.... it is , what it is. There are going to be lemons out there, from every Mfgr, it's only a matter on whether they put out a high percentage of them or a low percentage of them, and whether they will fix the one's they do have.
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