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At the range: "Can I see your gun?"

This is a discussion on At the range: "Can I see your gun?" within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by Thunder71 I welcome it myself, its a gun range, people there like guns. Maybe he was in the market for a new ...

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Thread: At the range: "Can I see your gun?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thunder71 View Post
    I welcome it myself, its a gun range, people there like guns. Maybe he was in the market for a new carry piece.

    To each their own, but I would have been a little taken back if someone acted like you did. Not like you were at a department store.
    +1 - I guess I am less suspicious of gun questions at a gun range. Depends a bit on what the guy looked like. I've seen a few bangers at publice ranges on occasion but for the most part you have good honest gun folks asking gun questions. I try to be friendly toward them.

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    In a word No.

    Its like a stranger to ask you to let them ride your motorcycle, or use your boat .

    Same reply to all three

    I also ended with you would have a better chance rideing my Wife

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    Quote Originally Posted by adric22 View Post
    On several occasions I have shot other's guns at the range, as well as allowed other people to shoot mine. Never been a problem. Maybe we're all just a bit friendlier in Texas?

    +1 Same here. I once took 2 VERY cute girls to a crowded range. We all got to shoot EVERY WEAPON on the line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hot Wing View Post

    I also ended with you would have a better chance rideing my Wife

    Just saying NO sounds better....

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    I've let any one who ever asked to shoot my guns at the range shoot them except for one guy that was wearing a confederate flag t-shirt. I have never asked to shoot anyone else's however people hand them to me all the time and say "Try this!".
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    At my range (owned by the county conservation department but operated solely by volunteers), we prohibit holstered weapons on the property except by individuals with a current license to carry. Since Iowa is an OC state, many of our users carry openly when coming to use the range. However, we have a strict rule that if you un-holster our weapon at any time, it instantly becomes a "sporting firearm," and must be kept unloaded and cased unless when used on the firing line and cannot be loaded and holstered AFTER you leave the facility. After 4 years of operation, we've never had any problems, but I think part of that is thanks to the fact that the majority of our volunteers are ex-military or even active LE.

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    I have had many people strike up a conversation with me at a gun range and we wind up shooting each other's guns. That doesn't happen as often now that I mostly shoot indoors.

    Thanks to the poster who mentioned not shooting the concealed weapon he was carrying that day at the range. I had not thought about that, but it is a good idea to keep the loaded CCW in reserve.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
    I've let any one who ever asked to shoot my guns at the range shoot them except for one guy that was wearing a confederate flag t-shirt. I have never asked to shoot anyone else's however people hand them to me all the time and say "Try this!".
    It's funny you say that, Rollo. I'm amazed how many times someone has handed me a loaded firearm to 'try out'. The last one was an instructor that was holding a class?

    Shooting other peoples firearms with their ammo. What's not to like?
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    Personally I wouldn't concern mysyelf with your actions. You were not comfortable with the situation for whatever reason. That is most of what a person needs to stay safe, paying attention to the situation. If you are not comfortable with the person or the situation what are you supposed to do? If I don't feel right about the person I certainly am not going to hand them my gun loaded or unloaded. Considering the cost of guns the last thing I need is for that person to run for the door with my gun gun in his hand. Magazines and ammo are cheap compared to the replacement cost of the gun. Maybe if you had seen the guy a few times or knew of him things may have been different but as the situation stood at the time you did good in my opinion.

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    I usually don't go to the range alone in the first place. However, even at that I always keep a loaded firearm on me at all times. It's an outdoor range as well and I simply treat the range as I do anywhere else. Things can go ugly anywhere and a range is no exception. I can only remember once or twice where I've let someone that I don't know shoot one of my guns but the situation granted that. I think if some random guy pulls up without having been shooting, gets out and asks me if he could shoot my gun I would probably decline as well. Just haven't had that happen yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rigel42 View Post
    Are we talking about currently concealed guns or whats on the table?
    I enjoy allowing friendly like-minded people to shoot my firearms as much as I enjoy shooting theirs. however, the only show-n-tell guns are the ones on the table. I've adapted a rule not to pull concealment in public places.
    This is how I handle the situation as well. Unless I am with a "tight" group of friends it's only what's on the table...and if it's that group I ain't carrying anything they haven't already shot and vice versa so the request really never comes up.

    As to a total stranger, under those conditions...a strong condition yellow at the least! I think it shows poor judgment on their part.
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    i rather not think you are nasty by nature but that you acted the way you did perhaps for reasons deeper than the obvious. not likely you posted ALL the everything that went through your mind in the moments of interaction.

    motorcycles and boats ae so far removed in my way of thinking to offering a fellow shooter some rounds ( my ammo, my gun). most observe me and ask questions--no, i do not hang a " I'm an Instructor" on my back but seeing me make initials and happy faces or a clock when asked what time it is.....tends to lead to swapping guns and questions like--how you do that? I'm pleased to help out as it usually means my having to handle his gun to get him/her on target. new shooter generally need just 2 corrections to put them in the black and all happy.

    my club is private and we wear tags with our photo on them. so rather than strangers , others are friends that haven't meet yet.
    2 problems in 30 years so(stolen stuff), of course you are responsible, alert--as well you should be. and carry a concealed that may or may not get shot at some point in the day.

    deadguy, WHWC and ret.....much alike we think. others also, we are many....perhaps that is why we joined the same forum
    even if some have trouble understanding me cause i leave out an awful lot and many of my conclusions have steps missing. some follow, some don't.
    but its getting kinda old asking if english is my 1st language.
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    I've let lots of people shoot my stuff and I have gotten to shoot their stuff as well.

    Here in Arkansas, its a natural thing. If I am at the range and someone I dont know asks if they can see my gun, I'll let them do so after I clear it. I have had many great converstations that started by " hey... what kind of gun is that?

    It just seems like the neighborly thing to do. If someone dosent want to be neighborly, its their loss.

    Fortunatley for us though, since it is a private range, we dont have to let the stiff neck uppity unsocialable types in. If a guy is so worried that we might steal his gun or shoot him with it at the range, he more than likely wouldn't be there to talk to in the first place.
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    This probably happens more at outdoor ranges because they're
    I've struck up conversations with the guy next to me, let him shoot my gun, and I've shot theirs.
    Maybe he wants to feel the grip, or balance. I'd clear it, then hand it to him.

    I actually enjoy talking to others at the range.
    If you have a concealed firearm at an outdoor range, I'd guess you are violating range policy.
    I tried to leave once when the range was cold, and my firearms bagged up, and had the range officer stop me because I was in front of the red line. (I thought that was a bit over the top, but it's their range, and their rules.)

    I've never had someone with NO gun come up to me, that would seems weird.

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    I think if the guy was acting suspicious then i would of done the same.

    I have been invited by two people I know to shoot their firearms and I feel strange about handling someone else's weapons especially not owning at least my own rifle yet.

    I think its very cool its just one of those things where Ive walked up on people and said
    "Sorry to bother you but I was curious about what model of fire arm that is"

    ive gotten "Hi, its a model _____"
    and I will say "Thank you" and walk away once I was told from a store
    "Not like it matters your not going to purchase it" I laughed because I was carrying about 800 dollars from just purchasing my first truck.

    If they made you feel uncomfortable theres a good possibility that you might be right.
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