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Do You Fill Your Carry Magazines To The Max?

This is a discussion on Do You Fill Your Carry Magazines To The Max? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I fill them and leave them full uless I am shooting. The .45 has been loaded, to include a mag for a year. Man, I ...

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  • I fill all my mags up to max and leave them loaded

    104 62.28%
  • I fill some of my mags up to max and rotate mags

    44 26.35%
  • I fill all my mags up to max -2 rounds and leave them loaded

    6 3.59%
  • I fill some of my mags up to max -2 rounds and rotate mags

    4 2.40%
  • Other

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Thread: Do You Fill Your Carry Magazines To The Max?

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    I fill them and leave them full uless I am shooting. The .45 has been loaded, to include a mag for a year. Man, I need to shoot the thing.
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    I load them full and then rotate them (just for peace of mind) after I shoot.
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    Jeff Cooper reported that MP-40 mags had been found recently, and functioned perfectly. I don't think that tension will weaken the spring as much as fluxuation(as already noted), so I keep mine at the max as the maker designed it.

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    To the max +1

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    I fill my mag capacity, then i chamber a round. Then I remove my mag and replace the chambered round.
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    Over the years I have adopted this practice:

    I have multiple mags for each weapon I own (typically 6 magazines per gun) What I do is keep 3 carry mags loaded to capacity at all times while the other 3 are resting. And every two months(sometimes more often) I will rotate the mags out whether I have shot that weapon or not.

    It will prolong spring life in the magazines and is a good habit in general. It allows you to check your weapons/mags for cleanliness and helps things run at their optimum performance level. I have had several 1st gen glock magazine springs go bad on me. It is not a myth, it can and does happen.
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    Here It Is Right From Wolff Gun Springs

    BTW: All of my Carry Pistols have Single Stack Magazines and mine have WOLFF Plus Power Mag Springs installed - (except my 2 Glocks which have the standard factory springs.)
    Note: ~ MANY gun makers already USE Wolff springs. They do not make their own magazine and recoil and Main & FP springs springs.
    Many aftermarket high quality magazine makers already use use either Wolff or ismi springs in their pistol magazines.


    WOLFF SPRINGS ~ Frequently Asked Questions:

    5. Should I unload my magazines, rotate magazines, load with fewer than the maximum rounds? How often should I change magazine springs?

    Magazine springs in semi-auto pistols are one of the most critical springs and the subject of much debate and concern. Magazines which are kept fully loaded for long periods of time, such as law enforcement applications, will generally be subject to more fatigue than the weekend shooter's magazine springs which are loaded up only when shooting. Magazine design and capacity also affect the longevity of the spring. Older designs where maximum capacity was not the goal such as the 7 round 1911 Colt magazines will last for years fully loaded. There was a lot of room for a lot of spring which reduced the overall stress on the spring. In recent hi-capacity magazines, the magazines were designed to hold more rounds with less spring material. This puts more stress on the spring and will cause fatigue at a faster rate. Unloading these magazines a round or two will help the life of the spring. Rotating fully loaded magazines will also help the problem somewhat but is not always practical.
    In applications where the magazine must be kept loaded, a high quality magazine spring such as Wolff extra power magazine springs, will provide maximum life. Regular shooting will verify reliability and regular replacement of magazine springs will provide the best defense against failure from weak magazine springs.

    6. My spring got shorter after I used it for a short time. Is it bad?

    Most new springs will take a set when they are first compressed. That means they will shorten up. This is a normal event and you should not be immediately alarmed. The greater the stress on the spring, generally the more set that will occur. All Wolff springs take this set into consideration. The ratings of the springs you receive are the ratings after the set has occurred. After set has taken place, the spring should remain essentially stable.

    QKShooter Note:

    Replace your standard power mag springs with Wolff plus power springs and then you can leave them fully loaded and they will never drop below the ideal effective magazine spring power.
    Replacement magazine springs are a fairly cheap investment to insure perfect reliability in a self defensive pistol.
    Remember though that IF you buy Best Quality aftermarket mags...they usually already have Wolff plus power springs installed in them and so changing THOSE springs will only put you right back where you stared from.

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    My carry mags...loaded till shot. My practice mags are in whatever state of loaded they are in when I put them back in the range bag at the end of the day. I can't get convinced that leaving a modern magazine loaded hurts it, based on seeing so many officers carry mags that only get unloaded once or twice a year and the guns work fine. Of course, this may be a function of the brand and weapon type, not just all magazines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bud White
    I fill mine to the max and leave them loaded till shot.. its the cycling of loading and unloading that wears on the springs..

    If the mag wont work fully loaded there's a problem
    Absolutely correct. Load the mag, chamber a round, then top off. Use the best quality mags available.
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    Use quality Magazines and fill to the max. A good reason to avoid cheaply made aftermarket mags.
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    Bud nailed it.

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    Both my mags are loaded. One is in my S&W and one on my belt. If needed, I want to be ready with everything I've got. Not later, now.

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    Top'em off and rotate'em regularly.

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    16 years service, in 2 branches and 3 components and I have never heard anyone ever say to not load the magazines to capacity.

    I load my mags to capacity and top them off. I do keep a few spares around the house incase I lose a mag or something, but I don't rotate them (kinda forget I have them actually).
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    Filled to capacity +1 chambered....rotated at the range....

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