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Your dream CC/OC pistol!

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Thread: Your dream CC/OC pistol!

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    I've got mine. A big ol' honkin six shooter in .44 Magnum.
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    A 1911 chambered in .44 magnum
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    There is something about firing 4,200 thirty millimeter rounds/min that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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    Actually I have mine. I dreamed and drooled over the DW Classic Commander Bobtail for years. Finally got the opportunity to get one. No regrets at all, sweetest shooting, most accurate gun I've ever had the pleasure of owning.

    Now when we're talking long guns, I have 2 I want. The first is a M1 Garand, the other is a the M-14.
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    Wilson combat or Ed Brown--both in Commander size.......
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    Quote Originally Posted by razor02097 View Post
    A 1911 chambered in .44 magnum
    Try and find an LAR Grizzly.

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    Springfield Armory Pro with no rail or a 2/12 inch Royal Blued Python.
    Have Fun and Shoot Straight !!

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    I am very pleased with my carry guns (HK USP Compact .40 S&W, Walther P99AS 9mm and S&W 442 .38 special), but if could choose any handgun for concealed carry then I would buy me a Wilson Combat CQB Compact in .45 ACP. Other options could be an HK 45 Compact or a Sig Sauer P220 Compact SAS Gen II.
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    I finally got my dream this year. A DL Sports Professional 1911 made by Dave Lauck, just the way I wanted.
    A truly beautiful work of the gunsmith's art.
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    I suppose my dream pistol probably doesn't exist. Either a Compact Hk USP in 10mm, or the Hk45c (Hk10c?) in 10mm. But I guess .45ACP will do. After owning my Hk USP .45 full size, it's amazing to shoot, not so amazing to carry, but I now have a love for Hk pistols. So the same pistol but in a more powerful auto cartridge would be cool :)

    But my G30 that I carry is a pretty much a realistic dream carry pistol. Small, good caliber and amazing capacity for it's size.

    I'd LOVE to carry a 1911 because mine shoots so well, but I've said it's 9327486234785 times.... that thumb safety bothers me. I don't want a thumb safety on a carry pistol (and if it must have a thumb safety, it better be DA/SA, but even the inconsistent trigger (heavy first pull, light second) bothers me). I've carried my full sized 5" 1911 once just to see what it was like. Too heavy and for it's size, it holds less than my G30. Capacity may not be a big deal to some as most SD instances only require 0-3 shots, but why not carry a smaller, lighter pistol that holds MORE rounds than a larger heavier pistol that holds 2 less rounds? :)

    So, I already carry, my realistic dream pistol, as my DREAM dream pistol doesn't exist. Though a G29 would make things even better, I want a full sized G20. Will still fit most of my G30 holsters.

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    I'm carrying it.....Sig p239 SAS TT in 357 sig!
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    There are three.
    I have owned two, still own one.

    a) A Colt 1911.
    b) A S&W Model 29, 4 inch brl, blued steel. (I used to own one. Sold it, long story, not important.)
    c) Colt SAA with 4 5/8 inch brl, case hardened frame, blued steel cylinder and brl. - Never owned one, would really like to.

    These three handguns for me are the best ever made IMHO, - although for carry in a dangerous place (rather than carrying just for the sake of it, - exercising your 2nd ammendment rights, for example,) then I prefer the BHP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JD View Post
    Try and find an LAR Grizzly.
    I know where his dream can come true...sorta. You can have it in 45 magnum, 10mm or 45 acp. One frame, three slide assemblies. This dream could be expensive, though.
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    Mine is on order. It's an ugly looking S&W 327 TRR8. An 8 round revolver that will have more than one use. Substance over style. A gun that mirrors the owner.

    I don't know about a smaller sidearm that is more concealable for the times I don't want to carry a full size firearm. Mostly for the summer months.

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    Like the others, I really would love:


    Seriously, though, I'd like a single-stack format of the XDm9 3.8 Compact.

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    My dream carry gun changes... Once I get it, and the dream comes true... I have another dream...

    My current dream is the Walther P88 Compact 9MM I saw at a gun show sunday.

    Funny thing... A lot of people seem to share the same dreams I've had in the past.
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